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Signs You’re Working With A World Class Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home is hard to do alone. As a buyer, the housing market is difficult to navigate. As a seller, who knows if you’ve got enough time on your hands to impress every buyer that comes your way? That’s why it’s imperative to work with a reliable estate agent. Someone who has your back and knows what to do to tick the boxes on your list.

But in truth, some agents are better than others! And finding a world-class agent can feel like just another complicated step in the real estate world. But as long as you know the signs, you’re in for a good time. Here’s how to spot an effective and reliable estate agent you’ll love working with.

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They’ve Always Got Time For You

Any and all estate agents are working with many clients. As such, they’ll have a limited schedule and short appointment time frames. However, if they’re good at their job, they’ll always be able to fit you in. They’ll have some time to show you around or go over the details with you. If they can’t be there in person, they’ll always be able to pick up the phone.

They Clearly Know the Market

If you’re buying, a good estate agent will have plenty of suggestions for you. They’ll know where and when suitable properties are available. They’ll have stats on the house, and be able to explain the history. They’ll also be upfront about other potential buyers without embellishing the facts.

If you’re on the other side of the equation, a good realty company will have plenty of experience with homes like yours. The estate agent in question will have recently sold a similar property. They’ll know what the average going price is, and where your house fits in. They certainly won’t lie about a good price and lower it later on!

They’re Easy to Talk to

Estate agents can sometimes be evasive. They can avoid questions or redirect your attention. You may often find yourself getting frustrated when having a conversation with them! But a good estate agent will be honest and open with you. They’ll have a sociable, ‘chatty’ nature about them that’ll help relax you. So whether you’re a buyer or seller, keep looking until you find an agent you have chemistry with.

They Don’t Sound Too Good to Be True

And finally, world-class estate agents don’t lie. They never sound too good to be true. They give you the real facts and figures. They also encourage you to do your own research into the market. The prices they list sound right, and they give easily verifiable statements about previous market activity. These qualities are hard to find within the real estate sector, but such agents are out there!

If you want to buy or sell a property, shop around. Go local and ensure you get along with the assigned estate agent. You’re making an important decision, so work with the best.


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