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Simple Deck Ideas to Save Money and Time

Did you know that $538 billion was spent on home improvement stores? Perhaps you are looking for a deck makeover too.

New simple deck ideas can make your house more comfortable to be in and more attractive from the outside. It can also add value to your property if you ever decide to sell.

If you’re unsure where to start, this article can assist. Some players want to replace their decks, while others choose to simply improve them. So keep reading to learn more!

Create a Plan

Creating a plan for simple deck ideas can save time and money down the road. Start by identifying your space and the budget goals that you have. Take into account any time and cost constraints that you may face. Estimate the materials costs that you may incur and plan for any unforeseen costs that may crop up.

Consider aspects such as labor costs, decking material costs, and any permits you may need. Plan for the finishing touches that will complete the look and design of your ideal deck. Research potential materials and find the best prices to make sure you won’t exceed your budget.

By planning out your deck and estimating costs beforehand, you will be able to save time and money in the future. Also, working with experienced deck builders will allow you to maximize the potential of any space and get creative with flooring, rails, and steps.

Consider Economical Lumber

Using economical lumber for simple deck ideas can be an effective way to save time and money. Choose lumber such as pressure-treated wood that is already treated to withstand outdoor elements and requires little maintenance. Pressure-treated wood can be purchased for half the cost of cedar or redwood and is great for an outdoor deck.

The most cost-effective lumber will be that which is easy to work with, and that can be fastened with screws and bolts. Another cost-effective choice is composite decking, but it will require more maintenance than other decking options. When building your DIY deck, it is best to avoid complex designs or custom features, as these are costly.

Spray Paint the Wood

If you’re looking for a simple deck idea to save both time and money, look no further than spray painting the wood. This is a good idea to avoid the additional costs of buying expensive decking materials such as composites.

Using spray paint on wood offers several design possibilities, ranging from a monochromatic color scheme to a variety of hues. For example, the deck boards could be spray painted in the same color or a variety of colors to create a modern look for the deck. At the same time, the spray paint can also be used to give the wood an aged look by spong-brushing the board grain.

Use These Simple Deck Ideas Today

Building your deck doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive! With a few simple deck ideas like pre-planning a simple deck project, choosing economical lumber, and spray paint the wood, you can create a beautiful outdoor living space without breaking the bank.

Start thinking of ways where you can create an affordable and stylish backyard deck today!

Want to get more ideas? Browse our site for more inspiration.


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