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Small Home Decor Tips To Best Utilize The Available Space

Small homes are wonderfully cozy but sometimes the functional aspect of living in them can be a little tricky and it can be a real talent to utilize them to best effect. Here are a few tried and tested designer hacks for making the most of the space available in small homes so they can be both practical and beautiful.

Nooks And Crannies 

Small homes can have spaces that are less visible to the eye and are tucked away like corners, space under the stairs or spaces around windows. Utilize these smaller spaces with custom made furniture like shelving or window seats so you are getting the most you can out of the space available to you.

Even less noticeable spaces like between the stairs can be used for storing books or other items so they are not creating clutter in the main space. The same principle applies to rooms like the attic or the basement although every homeowner should watch out for pests, mold and moisture accumulation in these areas which can make storage a challenge if these factors are not mitigated.

The Beauty Of Vertical Space

Using vertical space is a brilliant designer hack since horizontal space is typically minimal in smaller homes and apartments. Install tall shelving or even shelving near the roof to store décor items, books, photo frames or even flower pots. Taking care of the roof has a special significance in a small home as water damage can spread very quickly in comparison with a larger house. Engage commercial roofers at least twice a year especially around the time there are changes in the seasons to inspect and ascertain the state of the roof. With regard to roof repair, proper maintenance can save you from costly repairs and replacements.

In the quest for optimizing small home spaces, the power of minimalism takes center stage. Creating an environment that champions simplicity and functionality involves strategic curation, where each element serves a purpose in contributing to an uncluttered and serene ambiance. A key strategy in this pursuit is the incorporation of minimalist art, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with the ethos of simplicity. Opt for art pieces characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and a sense of balance to foster a harmonious atmosphere within the limited space. By embracing minimalist principles, you make the most of available space and cultivate a calming ambiance that promotes tranquility and focus in your compact living quarters.

Mirrors Are Your Best Friend

The most well-known and widely used technique for making any room appear larger and more impressive is to use mirrors as décor. Invest in large floor length mirrors (they can be both vertical and horizontally hoisted) and position them around entryways or where the eye naturally travels upon entry to a room. Mirrors will create the illusion of higher ceilings or longer and larger rooms. You can be creative with the mirror frames, incorporating both modern and antique styles in the same space and using a variety of sizes.

Use Furniture That Can Be Folded 

When there are parties or other gatherings, seating space can be extremely limited in small homes. For that reason, having foldable chairs and tables can come in very handy and when they are no longer needed, they can be stored away. Multi-purpose furniture can be useful in the same way such as sofas that become beds or ironing boards and pantries that slide away from view. Even dining tables that expand and fold can make daily tasks as well as entertaining much easier, creating greater functionality for the homeowner.

Clever Room Dividers

When trying to manage and utilize a smaller space, it is exceptionally useful to break the room into ‘zones.’ You can have a working space, an entertaining space or even a reading nook. Breaking the room into zones also makes it easier when there are multiple inhabitants of a small home. Dividing the room limits the activities within that zone, so the space can be kept clean and clutter-free as much as possible. Physical room dividers that fold can be ideal for creating some privacy especially for work zones within the main living space so that conference calls and zoom meetings can happen even when the rest of the room is being used.

Bring Forth The Light 

Light can open up a space in the most wonderful way. If you have large windows in your small home, use lighter feather curtains or blinds so you can maximize the amount of natural light that makes it into the home. The wall paint is surprisingly also a factor in the play of light in a space since darker colors absorb the available light and lighter, neutral colors like white and beige are more reflective.

If you hire house painters Washington DC, ask for a colors booklet to see which colors will work well for your space and when in doubt always use cleaner, lighter colors like cream and ivory so the room looks larger and less cluttered. In smaller rooms you can always add dimension with an accent wall or some decals that will capture attention when someone walks in for the first time.


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