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Smaller Space Renovation

Living in a smaller home does not mean you have to be crammed into little spaces whenever you want to do something, not if the renovation is carried out in the right way. Careful planning is what is needed, and then your home will not feel so small after all.
Whether you are living in a small space or looking to rent one out or sell for a profit, it pays to make it seem bigger and here are a few ways you can do just that…

Functions First

It really does not matter if you are looking at small houses or apartments; each room in them has a function. This should be the first thing you consider before anything else.  Identify how you will use each space before you make your final floor plan. For instance, if you need an area to work from home, which room would be best to accommodate that? Is there just one bathroom that needs to cater for the whole family? Has your kitchen also got to hold the laundry equipment?  These are just a few questions that you should be asking yourself, there are no doubt many more.

Lots Of Storage

Nothing will shrink the size of your home even more than clutter. You need plenty of storage to be able to put things away and this can be achieved easier than you may think during any renovation. So, you have no reason not to do so.

Have beds with drawers in for the spare bed linen, and sofas with lift up seats that have storage underneath. There are usually corners and niches that are not much use and you can use those to build some shelves for the books and knick-knacks that you want on show. Try to avoid anything that takes up floor space, but put baskets in the bottom of wardrobes or shelves over a bathroom door. These will help towards a storage problem, without taking up the room that is needed for other things.

Keep The Floor Free

Keep as much floor space as free as you can. You can achieve this by not buying oversized furniture and keeping what there is to the edges of the room. It is not good for people to have to step over items to get from one side of the room to the other.

Plenty Of Light

Have as much natural daylight pouring in as possible and if there are no windows in a room, install LED lights. They are the next best thing as they give a more natural light, are very flexible, cheap to run, and last for years.

You can also help your home to look brighter by having mirrors hanging on the walls, opposite a window if you can. The mirrors reflect whatever light there is, make the room brighter and deceive the eyes into thinking it is larger.

Put Your Stamp On It

Whatever the size of the place where you live, it is your home and it should reflect your personality. Often in smaller homes, neutral colors are the best, but if you like bright and bold that is exactly what you should have.

Over and above everything else, your home has to be comfortable for you and your family, and that is not to the tastes of someone else, that really does not matter.


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