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Smart Home Upgrades to Take Your Home to the Next Level

Just a few decades ago, the concept of “smart homes” was reserved to the realms of science fiction, and ideas like fingerprint-powered door locks and AI assistants that could answer your questions and tell you the latest headlines in a matter of seconds seemed very far away. But now, smart home technology is very much a part of the world, and it’s here to stay.

All over the globe, people are investing in smart home technology, and while many Americans are spending millions on remodeling their bathrooms and refinishing their kitchen cabinets, an even better way to upgrade your home might be to get some smart home solutions for your own. This guide will go over some of the top smart home upgrades you can make today.

Smart Speakers

For many people, smart speakers represent an entry point into the world of smart home technology. These devices, offered by big brands like Google and Amazon, essentially give you your very own AI assistant to help out around the house. These assistants can answer questions, provide weather reports, play music, and much more besides.

Smart speakers come in a wide range of sizes and styles, from mini speakers that sit snugly on shelves and nightstands, to more advanced speakers with more powerful audio performance and even more additional features. There are even some models with screens, allowing you to view videos and make face-to-face calls with family and friends whenever you want.

Smart Locks

Door locks have always been important to homeowners, and having the best locks can help to give your home a strong line of defense against would-be intruders and thieves. In today’s world, some of the toughest locks are smart locks, fitted with the latest and greatest technology that makes them almost impossible to break into.

Many modern smart locks come with fingerprint sensors, so you can configure them to only lock or unlock with the unique fingerprint identity of you and your family members. Or you can set them up with electronic codes of different lengths, effectively granting you total control over your home’s locking system.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners all over America, and it’s not hard to see why. These doorbells do much more than simply play a jaunty tune whenever someone steps up and presses the button. They’re also equipped with cameras and microphones to provide you with an audio-visual feed of the front of your home.

This way, whenever someone steps up to your door or enters your front yard, you’ll be able to see exactly who they are and have a recording of whatever they do, perfect for deterring would-be package thieves or helping you collect evidence if any incidents occur outside your like car crashes and collisions with your property.

Smart Cameras

Many people worry about home security and like the idea of setting up some cameras around their property to act as a deterrent for any criminals, as well as helping them keep an eye on all corners of their home, just in case. Traditional security cameras of the past have a lot of problems, but modern-day smart cameras provide the state-of-the-art features and technology you need to secure your home.

These cameras are fitted with special sensors, allowing them to activate automatically whenever they spot movement, as well as having WiFi technology to connect to your home’s internet system and provide a live feed straight to your phone. In mere seconds, you can load up an app, even when you’re at work on the other side of the country, and keep a close eye on your property.

Smart Thermostat

Controlling the heating in your home can often like quite a challenge, and thermostats are notoriously tricky to deal with, but smart thermostats solve many of the problems faced by models of the past, making it easier than ever for you to control the precise temperature from room to room throughout your property.

The best models come with all kinds of advanced features like voice control and even the ability to automatically detect when you leave the home or return and adjust the temperature accordingly. They don’t just give you more control; they can also help you save a lot of money on utility bills in the long term too.

Final Word

There are many different ways to make your home a smart home, and countless different technological upgrades you can set up and start benefiting from today. As well as improving your life, smart home solutions can also enhance the value of your property, so they’re an excellent long-term investment for savvy homeowners.

Photo by Alberto Castillo Q. on Unsplash


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