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Spectacular Solar: 9 Top Benefits of a Solar Power System

Are you tired of those soaring monthly electricity bills? Are you looking to solar power system a try? But do you still have some doubts if solar panels are wise investments?

More American homes are starting to use the solar panel system. But their number still pales in comparison to the homes that are not yet into solar energy. In fact, a study highlighted the huge potential for solar power.

The country is home to about 116.9 million residential buildings. About 67 million of which are fit to make the switch to solar power.

But if you’re still having some doubts about going solar, we invite you to continue reading below. Let us tackle some of the key benefits of solar energy. Let us discuss why you need to have it in your home.

Solar Power System: The Benefits You Need to Know

The use of solar energy has come a long way. With solar power systems that allow the collection of energy from the sun, various industries are experiencing numerous benefits. The same thing goes for the residential sector.

Here are nine spectacular reasons why you need to install a solar power system:

Superb Savings

This is perhaps the biggest reason why more and more households are going solar. Once you install solar panels, you can save up to as much as $100 on your monthly electric consumption. The savings can go up further depending on the state you live in.

In Hawaii, for example, residents save a cumulative average of $64,000 in the first two decades of using solar panels.

The good thing about solar panels is that they draw energy from the sun even when the weather is cloudy. This means solar panels can still help power your home even if it’s no longer summer.

Increases Home’s Resale Value

Installing solar roof panels can also increase the overall value of your home. Solar panels effectively lower electricity costs. Prospective homebuyers tend to gravitate toward homes that can help them save money.

In fact, a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory revealed that homes with solar panels sold faster by 20%. These houses also commanded 17% more when it comes to the price tag.

Tax Incentives

When you install solar panels, you can also enjoy tax-related incentives. There is the federal solar investment tax credit. This incentive gives back 30% of the purchase price you spent on your solar panels. You can even file your personal income tax return for free, boosting your savings even more.

For example, you paid $25,000 for a solar power system. When you file your taxes, the government will return $7,500 in the form of tax credits.

In addition, there are state and local solar rebates and incentives. These will translate to more savings on your part.

Long-Term Performance

Another great benefit of solar panels is the long-term performance they offer. Generally, solar panels come with a performance guarantee.

This is basically a product warranty that lasts 20 to 25 years long. The solar panel industry guarantees 80% performance levels of the panels after 25 years of service.

Electrical Independence

Installing solar panels will help you build energy independence. In fact, you can even help reduce the country’s dependence on foreign energy. By using solar power systems, you are helping the development of solar energy.

As more households open up to solar power, more discoveries and innovations will prosper. Manufacturers find will more efficient ways of deriving solar energy. This is crucial in the far future when the country runs out of oil and natural gas.


Speaking of nature, solar power systems are environment-friendly. Because of the clean energy it offers, it helps you lower your carbon footprint. Studies show that the U.S. is second when it comes to global annual carbon dioxide emissions.

Furthermore, solar energy is renewable. This means you are not depleting Earth’s natural resources. You are also helping improve the country’s public health.

Natural gas plants generate water and air pollution. But with a solar power system, you are not causing any of these pollutants.

Easy Installation

Gone are the days when installing solar panels is a chore. All you need to do is to find the right contractor that also handles the installation. Some of these roofing services do not even charge for the installation.

Help the Economy Grow

When you invest in solar panels, you are also helping the economy grow. Studies show that solar power is one of the country’s strongest economic drivers. The industry employed over 170,000 workers in 2014.

In fact, the job growth rate of the solar energy industry bested the overall economic growth rate by 20 times. Since solar panels require installers and technicians, investing in them will help create more jobs.

Solar panels can help employ people in towns and cities. It opens up new opportunities for the local workforce. Today, there are several non-profits, colleges, and labor unions that offer training programs on solar panel installation.

Low Maintenance

Lastly, solar panels will not give you headaches when it comes to repair and maintenance. As we mentioned earlier, the industry standard for performance is 25 years.

Residential solar energy systems do not feature moving parts. This massively reduces the need for maintenance.

Your only challenge is the dust and debris that may accumulate on the panels. These elements may affect the panels’ energy absorption. Thankfully, you can simply call the manufacturer to handle the cleaning of the panels.

Enjoy a Better Home, Today!

Now that you know the advantages of installing a solar power system, the only thing left is finding the right one for your home. When choosing solar panels, make sure to look at three options. Compare each manufacturer and the products they offer.

Carefully weigh all of the factors before parting with your money.

And if you wish to improve the other areas of your home, we invite you to check our other blog posts. We have various informative articles on improving homes and making the right choices in terms of home improvement options.

Keep on reading and continue improving your home today!


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