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Spooky Business: How to Sell a Haunted House

Have you heard strange noises, noticed flickering lights, or even witnessed shadowy figures in your home? If you have, you might have a haunted house.

If you have a paranormal problem in your house, selling it can become quite difficult. Even potential buyers that aren’t scared of ghosts will likely avoid the home out of superstition.

Lucky for you, we’ve written out how to sell a haunted house to help you sell your property. So keep reading to learn everything your need to know.

Preparing the House for Potential Buyers

Before showing potential buyers, it might be wise to have the house exorcised to neutralize all of the malicious entities. Once you have done this, give the house a thorough scrub down. Pay special attention to windows, walls, and other surfaces that may be dusty.

You should also paint rooms and refinish any furniture you wish to keep. If competing with other real estate houses, you should replace any broken fixtures or outdated appliances.

Finally, be sure to go out of your way to make your house inviting. Display a warm welcome sign and accent pieces. Then start your research for potential buyers.

Look for the right websites to get offer at or other property listing websites. These websites can provide the most suitable recommendation.

Crafting an Appealing Listing Description

You’ll want to focus on the house’s unique features, such as its history and any spirits that may live there. Emphasize the charm and character of the house. Highlight its architectural details, charming decor, and interesting stories.

Highlight any safety measures you have in place – like ghost-proofing methods. Be sure to include pictures that capture the essence of the home and speak to the potential buyer’s interests.

Advertising Your Haunted House

Once you’ve created your listing description, proper advertising is next. Then, post your listing on a website that features real estate properties for sale.

Handling Questions About Its Haunted Past

Potential buyers will be curious to know if the house is truly haunted and why. Rather than avoiding the topic, please address any questions about its haunted past head-on.

Acknowledge the previous occupants’ stories, but avoid going into detail or giving your opinion. For example, if asked, simply state, “What has been reported is that the house has a haunted history, which of course, cannot be verified.” This demonstrates that you remain impartial and aware of the rumors but focus less on them.

Closing the Sale

Closing the sale of a haunted house involves providing a buyer with a memorable experience. This ensures the buyer takes ownership of the house and all its attributes.

Provide incentives, lifetime warranties, and upgrades to make the sale attractive. Make sure that buyers have the opportunity to experience the haunted house firsthand. Let them imagine the possibility of owning it by setting up a tour for viewing.

Follow Our Guide on How to Sell a Haunted House

The reality is if you have the determination to sell a haunted house, you can do it. You need to do extra work, have patience, and be open-minded. So follow our guide above on how to sell a haunted house to ensure that you have a successful sale.

Stay calm. Trust that you can make this happen. Take the first step now.

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