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Stay Near the Grandchildren or Relocate? How to Decide Where to Retire

You’re in your golden years now and deserve to enjoy them. But with so many choices, you may be torn about where you want to call your final home. Do you stay close to your grandchildren, or do you relocate to halfway around the world?

If you need help, here are some tips on choosing where to retire.

How Far Away You Are from Family

The closer, the better, especially if you have strong bonds with many of your family members. Should you have a farther location in mind, think about how often you’d see one another; either you traveling to them, or vice versa. Use this criterion to determine if the distance is acceptable or not.

Ease of Travel

Sure, that little quaint town in France may be a fantastic place to reside, but how easy is it to get to the town center so you can do your groceries and shopping? Considering you’ll be a senior citizen, you’ll want good access to necessities and hospitals, should you need them.

Also, can you easily get to an airport that serves the cities your children and grandchildren live in? If there’s no convenient international airport around, then it’ll be harder for you to visit one another.

The Taxes

Even if you’re only considering moving within the country, different tax laws exist in varying states. For example, there are some states where you’re exempt from paying taxes on your Social Security or pension. On the other hand, some states heavily penalize you on taxes should you move there.

You’ll want to carefully research these state taxes when making a shortlist of where to retire.

Language or Cultural Barriers

You may have picked up a few languages in your lifetime, so play to your strengths if you plan to move overseas. In your golden years, you should relax, not stressing out about learning a new language and assimilating into a new culture and society.

However, it’s important to consider language when choosing your retirement destination. Learning Spanish, for example, can be incredibly beneficial if you opt for a country like Spain. Knowing the language can significantly ease your transition. Spain boasts a strong expat community, so you wouldn’t have to exert much effort to assimilate. This linguistic advantage can lead to smoother interactions with locals, a deeper understanding of the rich Spanish culture, and a more enjoyable retirement experience.

Picking somewhere like Spain would be ideal since many British people retire there. You wouldn’t have to exert effort to assimilate since there’s a decent expat community there.

Retirement Communities

You may choose to lead an independent life, but your health may fail at some point and you’ll need professional care. It’s prudent to pick a spot with exemplary retirement communities so you can receive stellar care when the time comes.

This website shows you more about retirement communities if you want to learn more.

Choose Where to Retire Wisely

You probably only get one chance at using your nest egg, so choose where to retire wisely. Use the tips we’ve given you here to pick a location that’s perfect for both you and your spouse, plus gives you easy access to your other family members.

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