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Things to remember before buying a house: a buyer checklist

Buying or investing in a new or old property is a big step and a crucial decision that requires years of saving and planning. You don’t want to end up with a poor property and no savings in hand.

Discovering the best house for sale requires going through various essential factors. We have listed some important things you should remember before buying a house. Let’s understand each one of them. They are;

The price of the property

The initial step towards selecting a property is fixing a budget, making it easy to select a house as it refines your search. Compare the price by consulting different realtors to see which offer you a better deal. Go through portal listings, local brokers and newspaper listings to get better property options within your budget.

House carpet area

The property built area usually includes everything from the elevator shaft, wall thickness, stairs, shafts, etc. However, the carpet area is the actual area within the house’s walls, which is 30 % less than the built-up area, which the seller calculates.

That is why understanding the carpet area is essential before finalizing the deal.

Get your property evaluated by home inspectors.

Home inspectors can evaluate different aspects of your property, which will give you a better understanding of whether or not you should invest in it. They will review the exterior and interior of the house and let you know which aspect would require repairing and maintenance.

They give you a good picture of what you can expect after living on the property. They go through interior plumbing, ceilings, roofing, insulation, electric system, walls, floor, exterior drainage, structural components, basements and others.

You can hire an affordable and reliable Home Inspections Center for identifying potential issues and saving yourself from expensive repairs in the future.

Timeline of possession

The realtor often delays the delivery of the property against the promised date and time. If you are buying a newly constructed property, you should ask the realtor for the exact and estimated timeline of getting possession. Usually, a realtor takes around 6 months grace period for delivering the property; however, they should give you a valid reason for it.

Get your property legally evaluated.

Another important aspect of getting checked is whether the property is legally constructed or not. The seller or realtor should have followed all the required regulations and NOC laid down by the state and approved by the authorities, such as water supply, sewage boards, electric system and municipal corporation.

If you go for a home loan, the bank will check your property validation before passing it.


While choosing the house of your choice, make sure to check its location. Ensure all the amenities, security, and necessities are easily accessible. These factors will ensure peaceful living. Also make sure that the house is located in a safe and secure area.

Make sure to check all the additional charges.

Make sure to go through all the documentation involved in the process. You can even add a clause where the builder fails to deliver your property on time and pays the penalty on time. If you get home inspected through professionals who detect any issues, you can add those factors as well in the clause and negotiate the deal.

The home inspectors will get you a better picture of the property, which will help you during deal negotiation.


Buying a house is a big step in anyone’s life, that is why you need to consider the points mentioned above to ensure a smooth process. Hiring a home inspection service can be a beneficial step towards buying a house as it ensures that the property you are going for is worth investing in.


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