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Are You Thinking Of Building Your Own In-House Marketing Team?

When you’re addressing the scope of your marketing needs, especially if you have a launch coming up, or you are thinking about expanding your business in the coming months, you might want to think about how you’re going to handle the additional work. You might think about creating an in-house marketing team to deal with them from now on, rather than looking for help outside of the company. Here, we’re going to look at some of the considerations you should have in mind when thinking about it, to make sure it’s right for your business.

Remember the benefits of outsourcing your marketing

If you’re thinking about whether or not to move your marketing in-house, then you might be thinking primarily about the benefits of handling marketing yourself, from the long-term savings it offers to the closer control you will have over your marketing campaigns as a result. However, ti’s important to keep the benefits of outsourcing in mind, as well, so that you can compare the two equally. Remember that outsourcing can make it easier to quickly find and hire the talent needed to carry out a robust and high-quality marketing plan and that the experience these professionals bring can help you avoid the common marketing mistakes often made by teams that are new to it.

Can you justify hiring a team?

Before you go ahead and press the button to submit your job postings to whatever website, agency, or local publications you are using, you should really think about how much marketing work your business is going to need. If you’re not able to imagine one or more workers spending their entire day working on creating the marketing push that your business needs, then you might not be able to justify a full-time position to hire them. Of course, some companies will roll up their marketing with a communication role, and you might also think about hiring them for part-time work, but it’s not as easy to keep hold of employees if you can’t guarantee them steady work.

Becoming an employer

If you have no other employees, then you also have to consider the responsibilities that you would have to take on as an employer. The move from solo business owner-operator to employer is a big one. For one, you have to complete a federal tax ID application and start taking care of new tax obligations. You also have to be fully aware of the rights of your employees, and to ensure that you don’t do anything that contradicts or infringes on them. This means ensuring that you have an organized payroll system, HR processes for them to report to, a safe and healthy workplace for them, and more. Make sure that you’re ready to take on the responsibilities of being an employer before you take on any employees.

Finding the right talent

Naturally, you’re not going to want just anyone to join your roster of marketing experts. You want to find the best of the best to offer your brand the kind of dedication and creativity that it deserves. To put it bluntly, if you want to attract top-level talent, you are going to have to offer top-level pay. You should also have an idea of what skills they are going to bring to the table and, beyond that if their approach to marketing matches what your aims are. When working with an agency, you can accept that they might not be 100% in alignment with your company values if they are able to understand them and utilize them effectively. A cultural fit is much more important when a marketing professional is doing 100% of their job from within the company.

Understanding your needs

Aside from the prospects of becoming an employer and becoming used to the process of finding and onboarding the team you need to ensure that you have a complete marketing plan, you will need to become more clued into the needs of your marketing, yourself. Unless you hire a marketing manager to oversee the team, you have to be able to understand the effectiveness of your in-house marketers’ efforts, to be able to listen to their advice, and understand the options that they lay out. Developing a degree of marketing literacy, as well as what kind of marketing push your business needs based on whichever stage of its lifecycle it is in, is crucial.

In the words of Ash Aryal, CEO and Co-founder of Digital Spotlight Australia, “A unique game plan can set you apart from the herd. You just need a team that understands how the engineers of the big-league digital platforms think and speak.” This perspective underscores the necessity of not only having a comprehensive understanding of your marketing needs but also the importance of assembling a team that is adept at navigating and leveraging the intricacies of digital platforms to your advantage. Such an approach can truly differentiate your marketing efforts in a crowded marketplace.

A lot of businesses are able to successfully handle their marketing internally. Consider the questions above seriously, to see if you should do the same, or if, for now, you should keep looking for external help for it.


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