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Tips For Reducing Waste During A Move

When preparing for a move, there are many tasks involved. Hence, a lot of waste is produced during the process. There are papers, unwanted items, and many other things you need to throw away.

Happily, it is possible to reduce waste to save stress, time, and money. Even though it might not be possible to move without having some waste, reducing it will ensure you have a smooth process.

Whether you have engaged NYC commercial movers or it is a DIY move, learning how to reduce waste when relocating can help a lot. Below are a few easy tips for reducing waste when relocating. The recommendations will simplify things and make it more practical for you during the process.

Five Tips for Reducing Waste during a Move

  1. Declutter

Decluttering your items before moving comes with numerous benefits. First, it saves you time and money. This is because you will not use a lot of money when purchasing packing supplies. Moreover, you will reduce packing and unpacking time.

Also, decluttering helps in reducing waste. Since you will not use things such as packing papers, packing tapes and other materials, you will reduce the waste. Hence, take time to go through your items before packing.

After sorting your belongings, identify things you need to donate, sell, or recycle. There are several items you can donate to friends, relatives, or non-profit organizations.

There are also some items you can sell. If you have items in good condition but do not need them in the new home, you can sell them. Have a garage sale or sell them online.

  1. Make natural household cleaners

When moving, you need to clean your old and new place. This means you need a lot of household cleaners. To be safe and reduce waste, you can decide to make your own household cleaners.

With your DIY natural household, you will save a lot. All you need is to mix one cup of water with a cup of vinegar. This will help you remove hard stains, dirt, and other dirt.

  1. Use what you have

When planning your items, you might not need to buy all the packing supplies. You can use what you have. For instance, if you have containers, you can use them to pack some of your items.

Instead of buying cardboard boxes, you can use your washer or dryer and suitcases to pack clothes, books, and other items. Also, instead of buying materials such as bubble wraps and packing peanuts, you can wrap your valuable items and fill in the empty spaces with towels, blankets, and old clothes.

This will save you money and ensure your fragile items are well protected when being moved. You will also reduce the waste associated with moving.

  1. Hire professional movers

If you have several items, you need to pack and move, the best option is to hire professional movers. These are trained people who understand how the process is done.

When you engage movers such as NYC movers, they have trained crews who will help you reduce waste when packing and moving. They are better equipped and come with high-quality packing materials.

Hence, research or ask for recommendations from family and friends to ensure you select the best movers for the job. In addition, you may ask them to explain the best ways they use to reduce moving waste.

  1. Organize a yard sale

To clear out things you no longer need in your new home, you may need to organize a yard sale. It is also a great way to learn extra money for your moving expenses.

You can have a yard sale in your compound or look for areas where people in your area host garage sales. Some communities organize special yard sale events.

You can also choose to sell your items online. Today, there are many online sites where people post things for sale. For instance, you can post a couch, electronics, or other items on Facebook.

  1. Recycle packing boxes and supplies

After moving and unpacking your items, you need to recycle your packing supplies. Packing supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing boxes, and others can be recycled.

But if you feel you do not need them anymore, you can choose to donate them to people who need them. Your main goal is to make sure nothing goes to waste. Hence, you can check your family members, friends, or neighbors who need them.

There are also some sites where people look for free packing supplies. Go to those sites and post the packing materials you need to give away. By doing this, you will reduce moving waste in a significant way.


There is a lot of waste that comes when packing and moving. To help protect the environment, it is essential to look for ways how you can reduce waste while moving. By following the above tips, you will save time and money and reduce waste.

It is also good to recruit professionals. They will help you save time and money. Moreover, you will be able to reduce moving waste. Since they are experts in the job, you can be assured everything will go on smoothly.


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