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Top 5 Strategies You Must Know While Investing In Real Estate In 2021

Real estate investment is an excellent choice among many other forms of investment. The idea of investing in real estate has been common for last many decades. But for beginners, it can be a bit daunting thinking about the return their investment can supposedly bring.

Real estate investment has very little correlation with the stock market, which means it suffers very little from volatility. Additionally, when you invest in real estate, you can enjoy more tax redemption than other types of investments.

If you are embarking on the journey of building a portfolio of geographically diverse assets, we have top 5 strategies to share with you. These strategies will help you become a more resilient investor soon, and let’s look at those strategies.

Top 5 Real Estate Investment Strategies You Cannot Miss

Invest In Rental Properties

Investing in rental properties means you will enjoy an excellent passive income as long as you have good tenants residing at your property. Well, you must have the skill to find good residents for your rental property. And it entirely depends upon knowing how to write a great rental listing to approach the right tenant. When you start with a good tenant and make them feel adequately valued, they love to stick around and stay in your investment property for years.

To bring the most from your rental property, you can always hire a property management company by paying them 6 to 12% of the total collected rental income.

Buying And Retaining For Rent 

Buying and retaining property is also known as a great strategy that worked for many. The underlying idea behind buying and keeping properties is that each property will appreciate over time. And as a result, you can enjoy a great steady income flow when your properties go up in price. But remember, you have to be a little proactive in this strategy as excessively holding can reduce your profits.

You can buy and retain properties such as homes, apartments, to industrial complexes. However, you might need to do a little extra work while researching and finding a suitable property to invest in. But trust me, the effort will pay you back fair cash in return.

Property Flipping

Though property flipping might sound like buying and retaining properties, there is a difference between both. In the first one, you are purchasing and keeping the property for a while, whereas, in the latter, you are selling the property instead of rehabbing or holding it.

Even in property flipping, you can do a minor renovation to make your property more vendible and make as much profit as possible. Flipping sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme, and many first-time buyers prefer this realistic investing strategy.

Live-In Flip

Live in flip aspect is all about rehabbing the property while living in it. Many property owners try to make necessary changes in the property while staying in the same property. The idea is to save money by living in the property while improving it. But the risk of a live-in flip is that if something comes up in the middle of the process, you might need to move in a hurry.


Like house piping, hold selling is also not a passive form of investment. If you are an investor with no is bad credit, you can still become a part of this investment strategy. The only requirement of wholesaling is you require every skill you can imagine making use of in this real estate investment. The process of a wholesaling property is:

  • Finding a property and arranging the price and conditions that align with the purchase agreement
  • Find a buyer, especially someone who is willing to flip or buy and retain
  • The buyer buys the property as per the terms of the agreement
  • The buyer becomes the homeowner, the seller gets the money, and you collect the assignment fee

Though wholesaling might not sound like for beginners, if done correctly, it is a good process.

There are many investment strategies out there for beginners. But remember, you need to be a little involved in your investment to make it work for you. You also must know about various tax incentives to know which strategy will work best for you. If you are willing to invest in real estate and don’t have that kind of money, you can partner with private money lenders in Florida. The beauty of real estate investment is that there is something for everyone.


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