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Top Miami Real Estate Agents Have Common Talents

Top Miami real estate agents have common talents that include experience, intelligence, dedication and adaptability.  If you are looking for the best of the best, you should first look to find plenty of experience as a defining criteria.  The experience of the individual should have extended through up market cycles and down market cycles.  They should have an acumen that has worked through simple deals and deals of a highly complex nature. It’s also a plus to understand both commercial and residential real estate.  The type of analysis in procuring commercial deals can have some basic applications for residential deals as well.  If you are speaking with someone that has experience across all of these channels, then you might have found one of the best real estate agents in Miami.

As I look back at my career as a real estate agent and broker in both worlds of residential and commercial real estate, the experience of working with countless agents has brought a great deal to my awareness.  I can clearly discern some of the common talents that are possessed by top Miami real estate agents.


I believe that dealing with intelligent real estate agents is important.  Simply put, they’ll be able to make better decisions in the heat of a tricky negotiation. Now, they don’t have to have a genius -level IQ, but they should have strong speaking and writing skills.  If a Realtor can communicate well in-person and via email, you are off to a good start. Within their writing, look for their ability to dive into detail.  Having a fine eye for detail is an important skill for a top Miami Realtor. It’s an indicator of overall intelligence and the subsequent skill to navigate through transactions.

High Emotional IQ

Top Miami real estate agents must possess and utilize outstanding emotional control.  They must be diplomatic. When millions of dollars worth of real estate is changing hands, buyers and sellers often take the transactions personally.  They often get quite emotional and see the person or group at the other side of the table as being the enemy.  The best real estate agents are able to diffuse any personal animosity and keep the focus on the end-objective. Therefore, a trustworthy and skilled Realtor gets their individual or group focused on the benefits of the positive outcome and away from the animosity that may be lingering in a specific discussion item.  Logic should always prevail over emotion, which is often easier said than done.


There is now way around it.  Top Miami real estate agents must be completely dedicated to their craft. They must sleep, eat and breathe real estate. It should be their passion – giving them a strong sense of pleasure through their success in closing deals. A dedicated Realtor responds to your emails promptly.  They call or give your written updates on a daily basis – even if the update is that you are still waiting for something to happen.  Crisp communication is a function of dedication.


Top Miami real estate agents are able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.  They do not get bogged down in the problems of a deal.  They are solution-oriented.  In in the past, I had a simple rule. Before you approach me with your problem, be sure that you have already thought of three potential solutions in advance. This kind of forward-thinking ensures that conversations are focused on productivity instead of draining negativity. Being adaptable allows for the flexibility of thought and creativity needed to bypass the natural hurdles that come up through real estate transactions.



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