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Top Options for Stylish Home Design

Interior design ideas come in a wide range of formulas and formats, sometimes with subtle
differences and times utterly distinct. Yet each type presents its own experience, flavor, and
finish that render your living space in outstanding chapters of history, inspiration, and creative

Take curtains, for example, each variation has a distinct taste and influence over the
room is attached. Step it up a bit, you can play with the quality of the fabric, and you’ll be
surprised at how much it can change the ambiance. One of the excellent choices for you to
consider is linen curtains. Be sure to find the right color and style to fit it nicely.

Here are a few stylish home design options worth trying out:

Basic housekeeping – a clean, organized living space is a must

Believe it or not, the most affordable way to keep your home looking elegant is to actually
declutter it. Remove all unnecessary items and maintain a strict weekly vacuuming and dusting
routine. Cleaning lets you spot and removes stains on area rugs and carpets more quickly,
helping keep them free from damages and a shabby look. The same applies to furniture. Clean
your curtains and windows, too—they permit natural light to flow into the room and make it look
bright and welcoming.

Accessories – gold-legged tables, fine cotton, silk, and stuff

Most average living spaces lack the basic accessories to really turn them into elegant spaces.
Many of us may claim that accessorizing can stretch the budget, but the opposite is true. You
will be surprised with the range of affordable routes to accessorize your living space while
staying within the margins of your budget, more so if you think silver and gold. Gold, for
example, is associated with riches and wealth, and can instantly evoke an elegant feeling,
provided you flood the space with a lot of it. So go ahead and accessorize with gold mirrors,
gold picture frames, or gold-legged tables. Add some fine silk and premium cotton stuff.
Hardware finishes – choose the most unique of all.
It is not uncommon to walk into any home improvement store, head to a section, and find a
whole wall of drawer/cabinet knobs and pulls. However, that’s the exact moment you should
turn back and walk out of the store. These bulk household hardware pieces are cheap most of
the time, but they are never good quality. They tend to look cheap – cheap items with cheap

For just a few more bucks – although not significant enough to rob a bank – you
can acquire elegant, expensive-looking, and quality pieces elsewhere. Antique shops, smaller
hardware stores, and flea markets are some of the best establishments to look at. You will find
heavy-duty and expensive-looking drawer pulls and knobs with a more affordable price tag,
giving your living space the elegant and unique appearance you desire.

Hardwood over carpet

Hardwood is more preferable to carpet. It is just a fact that even the average wall-to-wall carpet
in a living space makes the place feel soft and warm, but it doesn’t come with the solid elegance
factor that a gleaming hardwood floor provides. Hardwood offers an elegant and classic
appearance at an affordable price. Buying hardwood for your living space can be seen as a
worthwhile investment, although it might not be a wise one in some cases. Hardwood comes
with the durability any homeowner would cherish and provides an impressive return on
investment, more so if you plan to resell your home. Those who don’t regard hardwood so highly tend to opt for laminate which is a great option as well.

However, be certain to purchase the best laminate sheets you could find on the market so that you end with something of quality.
In fact, if you were to find yourself divided between lush carpeting or laminate, we’d recommend
the plush carpet in a second. To get the value of your money, look at a range of many different
kinds of wood because some are costlier than others without necessarily being the most quality
in the pack. For example, oak and birch are usually less costly than cherry. Also, choose a dark
color if you want a more luxurious look, but be certain to add an area rug (several of them,
actually) to tie the general design of your living space together from ceiling to floor.

Linen throw pillows for your couch

Nothing beats linen. We could mention everything important you need for stylish home design,
but without linen, the list would be naught. Linen pillows, very much like cotton pillows, are quite
low maintenance because the fiber is normally blended with more durable fabrics like polyester
or cotton. Use linen to set up a light and breezy vibe for this summer. The best thing about linen
in general – regardless of the product you choose to buy – is that it is a natural fiber with a low
environmental impact compared to cotton. Also, it is highly absorbent and breathable.


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