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Top Reasons for Ducts Cleaning

Cleaning the cooling and heating ducts of your home is a good way to ensure the circulation of healthy, and clean air. If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, cleaning the ducts regularly will provide relief.

Ducts refer to conduits used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units to remove and deliver air. The airflows in this arrangement include air supply, return as well as ventilation. A duct system can also be referred to as ductwork.

You may not be able to determine the quantity of dust that accumulates in the ductwork of your home and when the dust accumulates over a long period, it causes the serious problem(s). When there is a dust problem, it irritates the system when air is circulated in the home. To prevent this, you need to clean your ductwork.

When you are looking to clean your ducts, you will find that there are many companies that handle such projects. However, choosing companies like Ductwise duct cleaning enables you to get excellent service delivery. This way, clean and healthy air will be in circulation in your home.

To help you understand the need for duct cleaning, we have outlined some reasons why you need to have your unit cleaned regularly. We have also discussed some helpful tips about your ductwork. Please read on as we explain more.

Steps to Cleaning Your Ductwork

The following are some steps in duct cleaning:

Inspect the Ductwork

Start with inspecting the ducts that lead to the supply and return registers. Doing this allows you to assess the accumulation of foreign materials in the ducts before you start cleaning. You can compare after cleaning to see the difference. The professional who is handling the inspection will also use the opportunity to check for leaks or kinks.

Create Negative Pressure

Professionals use vacuum collection machines to suck debris and dust out of the ductwork. Before the suction is turned on, the technician has to perform the following tasks:

– Hooking the hose of the suction device to a duct near the air handler.

– Sealing each register with a cover to make the suction more effective.

– Once the above steps are completed, the technician can turn on the device.

Take out the Dust

If the system is under pressure, the professional can open each register to clean the ducts individually.

To make sure dust is completely removed and drawn into a vacuum collection machine, licensed professionals can use compressors, spinning brushes, and simplified vacuum cleaners.

Check other Parts 

Checking other parts to ensure that they are in good working condition is the final step to take before you couple the system. Cleaning or replacing your filter will enhance the circulation of healthy, and clean air in the home while also enhancing the performance and reliability of the HVAC unit. You can get more information about your unit and the parts to check out during cleaning here:,_ventilation,_and_air_conditioning

Top Reasons for Ducts Cleaning

The following are some reasons to clean your ductwork:

Enhances Efficiency of the HVAC System

If dust and dirt accumulate in your ductwork, the flow of air between your heating and cooling systems can be blocked, causing the system to become inefficient. A clean HVAC system can run more efficiently and it also cost-effective.

Prevents Hazards

Many houses catch fire every year as a result of a build-up of dirt and dust in the air ducts that is left unattended. Regular cleaning of your ductwork ensures the safety of all the occupants in your home.

Ensures Circulation of Healthy Air 

For good health, it is important that you breathe safe and fresh indoor air. Debris, dust, and other substances that accumulate in the home by falling on your appliances, mattresses, and flooring are eliminated when you get your ducts cleaned.

The air quality in your home will improve greatly when dirt, dust, microbes, as well as other airborne contaminants, are eliminated. Anyone who enters your house will feel good and breathe better. Even if nobody is suffering from asthma, allergic reactions, or any other respiratory problem in your family, the air will be healthy enough for everybody.

Removes Bad Smells

Stale odor in the home’s ductwork can be caused by a variety of factors like paint, pets, ingredients used in cooking, and cleaning products. These odors become stuck and begin to circulate in the air. A build-up of dust or other materials over time will result in an undesirable, and stinky smell being circulated in the home.

Proper cleaning of the ductwork is achieved by professionals who use the best cleaning equipment and organic solutions. With this, bad odor from animals, household products, paint emissions, mold, food, smoking, and other sources are removed. Cleaning your ductwork regularly ensures an enjoyable and comforting atmosphere for both your household members and your pet animals.

Reduces the Amount of Toxic Airborne Particles

In addition to dirt, debris, and dust, microbial pathogens and hazardous air pollutants also build up within the ducts. Employing professionals to clean the ducts can help you minimize these air pollutants by utilizing the most up-to-date facilities and machines.

Reasons Why Your Ductwork Would Need Cleaning

The following are some reason why your Ductwork would need cleaning

Rodents, Insects, and Other Pests Live in Your Ductwork

If your ducts have been infested with mice, rats, insects, flies, or other living creatures, then there is an urgent need to schedule for air duct cleaning. Rodents, insects, and other pests leave products as well as other particles that can become very offensive, disgusting, and dangerous with time. It can cause illness and other health issues.

This contamination also distorts your HVAC unit’s operation, thereby reducing its performance and longevity.

Dust emission from the Vents

If the debris and dust in the ducts accumulate to the extent that the system is discharging dust particulates into the house, then it’s time for you to clean the duct. When there is a discharge, it means that the dirt has accumulated to the point where the fans need to force it out into the room to keep air circulating. When this happens, it will affect the performance of the HVAC system.

Your Home Has Recently Undergone Renovations

Sawdust, roofing dust, as well as other debris, can get stuck in the ducts during renovations and reconstruction. Clean the system up and get rid of the mess that the renovation has left behind.

There are Pets in the House

Pet owners are well aware that the fur of a dog or cat is airborne and accumulates easily in nooks and crannies of the living area. Excessive fur accumulation can harm the efficiency of an HVAC system and damage it. If you have a pet, regularly cleaning your ductwork can help them perform better and last longer.

Mold Growth That Can Be Seen

While dust, grime, dirt, and other impurities can be harmful to human health, mold causes a far more serious problem. Allergic reactions and respiratory problems can be exacerbated by mold. Unfortunately, it develops rapidly. Certain types of mold are harmful to inhale, so if mold is present in your unclean ductwork, you are likely to be inhaling mold spores every day.

Whether you notice mold close to the vent or around the air conditioning unit, taking action is critical. Ensure that you protect the quality of the air in your home by scheduling for the cleaning of the air ducts in your house. If you are looking for other tips to control mold growth, you can check here.

How to Maintain Your Ductwork

Looking for maintenance tips for your unit? Here are some helpful tips:

Make efforts to Prevent Air Leaks

Most homes lose a great percentage of conditioned air to leakages. This leads to the loss of energy utilized in heating or cooling air. To prevent this, ensure that you have the unit’s hose checked regularly to prevent air leaks.

Remove every Obstruction

Ensure that there is no appliance or furniture placed right in front of your unit. Placing anything in front of the unit disrupts airflow and this leads to burnout of the fan motor.

Insulate the Ductwork

Regardless of the installation area of the ductwork, insulation helps the air coming from the ducts to maintain the temperature until it gets to the living areas. Also, ensure that you use durable insulation materials to do this.

Install an Ultraviolet Light

UV lights utilize ultraviolet radiation to destroy bacteria, fungal spores, and mold. The lights also sterilize airflow to ensure that the occupants of the home are in good health condition.

These are some helpful tips to help you with the maintenance of your ductwork. Additionally, it is recommended that you clean your unit once in two years especially if any of your family members is suffering from allergic reactions, asthma, or any other respiratory infection.


Maintaining the respiratory health of the occupants of a building is very important and one way to achieve this is through cleaning the ductwork. In this article, we discussed some reasons why you need to have your unit cleaned regularly. We have also outlined some steps involved in the cleaning of your ductwork. Please feel free to check them out.


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