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Top tops for Making Your Move from California to Florida Easier

If you’re moving from California to Florida, you are essentially moving across the whole continental country. That’s a huge undertaking, and you should not approach the task lightly. Before you get overwhelmed by all you need to do, check out these top tips for making your move from California to Florida just a little easier.

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Ship Your Car

One of the downsides of moving so far across the country is traveling from one place to another. It’s not like you’re moving across town or even across the state where you could make multiple trips or get friends and family to help you move. If you’ve got a huge moving load, you’re probably already wondering how to get everything from the West Coast to the most southern tip of the continental U.S. These car shipping companies are highly rated for moving your vehicle across the country for a reasonable rate. Compare car shipping companies for their rates, along with their insurance policies, availability, drop-off options, and reviews. View Sherpa auto transport reviews to see what others have to say about their prices and service. As soon as you know your moving dates, be sure to book early to lock in the best rates and availability.

Hire a Crew

You have enough going on with your move without worrying about how you’re going to get your belongings across the country. Moving companies can be expensive, so should compare and check their rate structure before you book anything. But in a move as big as going from California to Florida, you might just want to splurge. Another option is to hire a container company, like PODS, to be delivered to your home, picked up when you’ve finished packing, and hauled to your new home in Florida. That way, you can have the flexibility to pack at your own pace and have someone else do the heavy lifting. Keep in mind that hauling your belongings across the country can put wear and tear on your vehicle and your peace of mind. You and your belongings are safer in the hands of a trusted professional.

If your schedule is even busier, consider hiring other professionals, such as declutter specialists or a packing and unpacking company, to do the hard parts for you. Professional organizers can help you lose the trash and organize the treasure so you can move with ease. Professional packers will pack your stuff, load your boxes, and help you unpack on the other end. Keep in mind packers are not declutter experts and so they will pack everything in your home. It’s up to you to do a purge before you call them. Otherwise, these professionals can save you loads of time and hassle. If you’re moving coast to coast, consider two different companies. One to pack you in California and another to unpack in Florida.

Plan Well

A cross-country move isn’t for everyone. You should be aware of the differences in climate, activities, real estate prices, and more between California and Florida. Research is the first component of moving across the country. Since you’re not moving to the other side of town, you’ll need to plan everything well in advance because you cannot make multiple trips easily or cheaply.

Your moving plan should contain everything you need to make a cross-country move. You can start with your property needs and assessments and move on to tackling changes over your utilities and mailing address. Go room by room and decide what needs to go and what can make the trip with you. Make a note of all the things that you can pack early and what must stay unpacked until the last few days.

Pack the essentials like chargers and toilet paper last and in a separate box or bag that you can keep with you for the move. Making the journey from California to Florida means you will probably have to stay on the road for at least one night. Make sure you have everything you need with you before you get on the road.


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