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How to Turn Your Garage Into a Cozy Living Space

Planning to expand your interior living space? Nowadays, a room addition project costs a lot. And you might even have to stay at the hotel until the construction work is done on your property. If you don’t want to go through such inconvenience, why not remodel empty spaces in your house instead? Compared to constructing a new room, space remodeling is cheaper and less time-consuming. It is even doable for a DIY job. That means you don’t have to pay professional service, and just be creative on your own. And with the help of Garage Floor Atlanta, maintaining and repairing your garage flooring will be much more convenient and cost-effective.

Garage areas are often a remodeling target in residential properties, especially if you have a larger space, even with your cars inside. Some homeowners recreate their garage into spaces for hobbies, workouts, kid’s plays, and other leisure activities.

For your residential or commercial garage remodel, check out these amazing design tips below:

Create zones

When remodeling your garage, the first step you should take is to create zones. There should be a designated area for your cars and bikes, workshops, and relaxation. You can either go for an open plan concept or get creative with partitions. Either way, your different zones will stand out naturally. You just need to be good at organizing the furniture and other decor items. Opt to install smart storage in each zone, so it’s easier to clean and declutter.

Install adequate lighting

Adequate lighting makes any space more livable and enjoyable. The same is true with a well-lit garage area. Now, you can make use of your garage workshop space day and night. You can’t always rely on the natural light that enters through an open garage door since not every day is a sunny day. Additionally, remember to run enough outlets for your gadgets and power tools.

Get some furniture

Spend some alone time watching your favorite tv series or reading a new book without any distraction by creating your own space in the garage. Don’t hesitate to fill the area with a comfy leather sofa, chairs, a coffee table, and lamps to warm-up space. And don’t forget to put some style and elegance there.

Do a floor makeover

Never underestimate the importance of installing the right floor type for your garage. Making the wrong floor choice either leads to early repairs or labor-intensive cleaning tasks. To save time and money, choose a garage flooring that is resilient, durable, and resistant to weather and stains.

Polished concrete flooring is highly recommended for garage spaces since they can stand well against heavy traffic without any wear and tear. The type of flooring has a stain-resistant finish making it easier to clean and available at low prices. If your garage floor is still in good shape, all you need to do is some floor washing, painting or polishing and it’s good to go.

Improve insulation

A place is only livable when it’s properly insulated. That’s why space insulation should always be on top of your renovation priority list. You can use a space heater when warming the garage during the winter season and an air-conditioning unit installed in the wall or window during the hot summer months.

Update plumbing

Get a readily available water source in your garage by updating plumbing. Advanced plumbing is required when adding a kitchenette or half-bath in your garage.

To replace old plumbing, make sure to ask the help of a licensed plumber instead of troubleshooting the problem on your own. You also need to deal with exposed pipes around your garage, which are potential safety hazards.

Get a new door

To complete your renovation project, get your garage a new door. There are plenty of options you can find in today’s market. You can find just any door you want regardless of material, style, design, color, and size. Additionally, a new door won’t bother you with the noisy operation, malfunctioning parts, and repetitive repairs.

For easy and hassle-free shopping, consult with experts in your local area. Popular companies like Garage Door Repair Calgary or Home depot offer free consultation and estimates for your garage door needs.

Make your garage a beautiful extension of your home by planning the renovation project carefully. Choose a design that helps maximize space while maintaining functionality in your garage. Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from professionals!


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