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What Are The Types Of luxurious Apartments Sell By Real Estate?

In terms of location, design, price range, storage space, noise and pollution, etc., you want the best and sort apartment when buying a new house. Choosing the ideal apartment also gets challenging when there are so many different kinds available. We have put together a thorough manual that will assist you in fulfilling your requirements and objectives. Let’s examine the many types of apartments for residents through property for sale marbella.

Serviced Luxury Apartments

A property known as a serviced apartment provides additional services and housekeeping facilities found in hotels. A kitchen, living room, and separate bedrooms are the extra amenities in serviced apartments larger than hotel rooms. Hotels are rarely preferred over serviced flats by business travelers, families, and other travelers who need more room and services. Usually, larger than hotel rooms, serviced apartments offer a more comfortable setting with a fully equipped kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Penthouse Apartments:

Penthouse apartments are the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. Situate at the topmost high-rise buildings unparalleled views of the surrounding cityscape or natural landscapes. One of the main features of penthouses is their expansive terraces or rooftop gardens, providing residents with private outdoor spaces to unwind and entertain. Moreover, penthouses often boast premium fittings, designer interiors, and top-of-the-line appliances, all carefully curated to cater to the most discerning tastes.

Loft And Garden Apartments

The building’s loft is a sizable space that was formerly used for business purposes but has been converted to residential use. Lofts can be converted into a studio, two or even three-bedroom flats because they typically have huge rooms. Garden Apartments are referred to as apartments having access to gardens. Depending on how the house was built, it may be found in the front, back, or occasionally inside an apartment. These flats often feature large windows and are located on the ground floor.

Duplex and Triplex Apartments

Duplex and triplex apartments redefine luxury with their multi-level layouts. These exclusive homes offer a sense of grandeur, resembling townhouses within the confines of a high-rise building. Featuring soaring ceilings, intricate staircases, and spacious living areas, duplexes and triplex apartments provide an unrivaled living experience. These residences are ideal for those seeking privacy and a unique architectural flair.

Serviced Apartments:

Serviced apartments blend the comforts of home with the amenities of a luxury hotel. Designed for those who desire the convenience of a hotel stay with the independence of a private residence, these apartments come fully furnished and equipped with housekeeping services, concierge facilities, and access to fitness centers and spas in property for sale in marbella. Serviced apartments cater to the needs of frequent travelers, expatriates, and individuals seeking a luxury lifestyle without the burdens of homeownership.

Boutique Apartments

Boutique apartments exemplify elegance and exclusivity on a smaller scale. Typically found in low-rise buildings, these residences offer a more intimate living environment with limited units, ensuring an understanding of privacy and tranquility. The focus on personalized touches, bespoke design elements, and attention to detail makes boutique apartments a favorite among discerning buyers looking for a unique living experience.

Green and Sustainable Apartments

As environmental consciousness grows, green and sustainable apartments have gained popularity among luxury homebuyers. These eco-friendly residences incorporate energy-efficient technologies, green building materials, and home systems to reduce their ecological footprint. Besides promoting a sustainable lifestyle, green apartments often provide access to lush green spaces, gardens, and recreational areas, creating a serene and healthy living environment.

Townhouse /Row House

A townhouse is a style of home that shares one or more walls with the next door. It has a private backyard and an individual entrance and can be two or three stories high.

Due to their generally smaller standalone dwellings, townhouses are preferred in nations. Renting a townhouse is a practical and economical choice for many tenants in this area. It is perfect for people who desire a standalone home but don’t want to deal with maintenance and other upkeep concerns. Row houses could be the best option for people who cherish their privacy above all housing types.

Waterfront and Beachfront Apartments

Waterfront and beachfront apartments offer an idyllic lifestyle, bringing residents close to nature’s beauty. Locate along serene coastlines or picturesque lakes residences, provide breathtaking views, access to private beaches, and an abundance of water-related activities. Floor-to-ceiling windows and open balconies enhance the connection with the surrounding natural elements, creating a tranquil living space.

Sky Villas:

Sky villas combine the best luxury living with an exclusive villa and the convenience of an apartment. Often occupying entire floors of high-rise buildings, these palatial dwellings provide residents with the feeling of residing in a private mansion high above the city. Lavish amenities such as private elevators, infinity pools, home theaters, and expansive gardens are features in these sky-high abodes.


From penthouses offering panoramic views to sustainable residences promoting eco-conscious living options are vast. Each type of luxurious apartment exudes a distinct appeal, allowing prospective buyers to find the perfect fit for their tastes and lifestyle preferences. As the demand for sophisticated living spaces continues to grow, real estate developers will continue to innovate and redefine the concept of luxury in the realm of modern living.


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