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Typical Breakdowns and Malfunctions of the Garage Gates

Gates are an integral part of any garage and entrance to a private, commercial, or industrial area. To ensure the proper use of these structures, regular inspection and diagnostics are required to identify any breakdowns, and quickly eliminate them. There are various malfunctions of automatic gates, which depend on the type of structures. Consider the most common malfunctions and how to fix them below.

Typical sectional garage door breakdowns

Many people think that the repair of the garage door is not difficult at all. However, after a few attempts, they finally call the garage door company — Fix Garage Doors CA. Sectional systems may have different malfunctions or not work at all due to the following reasons:

  • Partial lifting/lowering of the sash. The problem is usually in the power unit, engine and amplifier failures, system overload, etc. To check the functionality of your doors, you should switch the mode to manual control, and if the sectional doors rise/fall freely, then the breakdown is in the failed spring, which should be replaced. If this does not help, then you need to check the automation and repair the garage door;
  • Absence of canvas lifting when the drive is running. The most common cause of the problem is the blocking of the mechanism. The first step is to check the absence of third-party objects in the moving elements, the presence of a connection between the metal transmitters, and the integrity of the spring;
  • The whole system doesn’t work. This problem is typically associated with a worn spring, lack of charge in the remote control, and power unit failure;
  • The sash raises itself after lowering. This problem is quite common, and the reason is associated with incorrect drive settings or a malfunction of the photocells;
  • Vibration during lifting/lowering. In this case, the reason lies in the loosening of the nuts and bolts, which you just need to tighten well;
  • Broken torsion springs. In this situation, repairing the garage door requires a complete replacement of the part.

As you can see, some malfunctions can be definitely eliminated independently, while others require the involvement of specialists.

Common roll-up door breakdowns

Automatic rolling gates are considered quite reliable, but they can also have various malfunctions:

  • breakage of lamellas;
  • wear of holders (crossbars and traction springs);
  • malfunction of the electric drive;
  • failure of the gearbox;
  • damage to the power unit;
  • worn shaft, etc.

Repair of the automatic rolling gates requires comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting. Many of the problems described above can be fixed without outside help, but some breakdowns require only professional intervention.

Types of sliding gate malfunctions

If we consider sliding gates, then they can be characterized by the following breakdowns:

  1. The sash does not close. This problem may occur due to broken photocells, damage to limit switches, issues with the control unit, or worn rollers. To eliminate malfunctions, you should make diagnostics and replacement of the worn parts;
  2. Incomplete opening or closing of the sash. This problem is associated with a malfunction of the electric drive gearbox, a decrease in the hydraulic drive oil level, a failure of the automation settings, etc. In this case, the integrity of the hydraulic drive is checked, and the replacement of broken elements is performed;
  3. The remote control doesn’t respond. The causes of the breakdown may be a power unit failure, a faulty fuse, etc. To eliminate the problem, diagnostics of the indicated units and repair of automatic sliding gates are carried out;
  4. Beam mechanical damage. The cause of breakdowns can be a car hitting a beam, impact or excessive pressure on the sash, or displacement of the foundation due to unforeseen ground shifts (during a natural disaster). To solve the problem, the integrity of the beam is checked. In case of violation, the gate canvas is straightened, and individual sections are replaced;
  5. Lack of commands from the remote control. This is due to the discharge of the unit, the breakdown of the radio receiver, and the malfunctions of the remote control itself. In this case, it is supposed to replace the batteries and restore the integrity of the wiring;
  6. Lack of canvas movement when the engine is running. This indicates a switch to manual control, a malfunction of the locking mechanisms, or excessive wear of the gear rack. To eliminate the problem, the relevant mechanisms are checked, and then they are adjusted or completely replaced.

If you have any problems with your garage gates, you can simply contact the service company, after which experienced craftsmen will quickly come to the specified address and repair sliding, rolling, or sectional garage doors. Remember that proper maintenance can prevent a costly repair. So, make sure to contact the professionals until it’s too late.


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