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Typical Costs for Concrete Cutting

When you get concrete poured, you hope it’s going to last for a long time. But, on occasion, you have to cut the concrete to get to what’s underneath, especially if you need to repair water or sewer pipes that run beneath your property. Concrete cutting is a specialized job that requires specific tools and techniques. While you can cut concrete yourself, it’s highly recommended that you hire someone who has been properly trained to do the job. Here’s what it could cost you.

Per Linear/Square

Overall, the price to cut concrete ranges from $4.75 and $7.50 per linear foot. This is independent of the cost to remove the concrete, which ranges from $2 and $6 per square foot. But, if the concrete is reinforced with rebar or wire mesh, you’ll pay more for both concrete cutting and removal. This is because it will take more effort to cut through the reinforcements as well as the concrete itself. It might even require a different tool or someone who has specifically been trained to cut through this material. You will typically pay by the square foot for smaller concrete cutting jobs.

Per Project

Larger concrete removal jobs are often priced by the project. For example, removing a concrete slab will range between $600 and $1,000, depending on the size of the slab. A concrete patio removal will run you between $1,000 and $2,000 and a driveway costs between $540 and $1,510 to remove. Sidewalks are usually priced similarly to driveways and concrete stairs are cheaper, typically coming in at about $300, depending on how many stairs there are.

Of course, the actual cost of concrete cutting and removal depends on the thickness of the concrete and whether or not it is reinforced by rebar or wire mesh. While those reinforcements are excellent for concrete structure and support, they are a detriment to removal. Keep this in mind while you price your project and be sure to let the contractor know about any reinforcements so that you get an accurate quote.

Concrete Disposal

One of the main reasons why it’s more cost-effective to hire someone to cut and remove concrete than to attempt it yourself is because of the disposal fees. Concrete is very expensive and difficult to dispose of, mostly because of its weight and volume. While you may save money by cutting and removing the concrete yourself, the disposal fees you’ll incur when it comes time to get rid of the concrete will end up being the bulk of your costs.

You can’t just throw away concrete in your regular trash cans. You’ll need to rent a special dumpster that’s designed specifically for concrete or other heavy loads. These Dumpsters are more expensive than the typical garbage Dumpster. Someone who is paid to cut and remove your concrete, though, will be able to haul away the debris and take care of the disposal for you, and it’s usually included in the concrete cutting and removal price.

Cutting concrete is not an easy job, especially if it’s reinforced with steel or mesh. Some jobs are just better suited for professionals, and this is one of them. The cost of professional concrete cutting and removal is usually well worth the time and hassle you save by not doing it yourself.


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