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How Underfloor Heating Can Increase Your Property Value

When you buy a house, you are first looking to find your home.  However, purchasing a house or flat is also an investment, and you are looking to increase property value, so you can make a profit in the future. One way to increase the value of your home is by making changes and adaptations.  It is often true that you must spend money to make money – and investing in underfloor heating could be a great way to do this.

Providing efficient heating

The need for an energy-efficient home is becoming increasingly essential.  House buyers are concerned about efficiency because of the expense of utilities. They are also worried about the cost of inefficiency in the environment.  Therefore, any technology that you install that offers savings on heating bills could offer a boost to your house price.

Calling in a professional company who can lay underfloor hearing will offer you the peace of mind that you have a system that will last.  The wet underfloor heating kit is probably the most efficient and cost-saving over time.  You should also opt for a branded product when laying underfloor heating.  You need the reliability of a well-trusted name in underfloor heating manufacture.  A product with WRAS approved piping is essential for those looking for high-performing underfloor heating.

If you combine your investment in underfloor heating with improved insulation, you can improve the rating on your Energy Performance Certificate.  This sounds excellent for the environmental credentials of the home, but it also means money saved.  You might be asking them to pay more now for your home, but you are offering them this money back in the long run.  Anyone with some vision will be attracted by the opportunity to save money on bills.

It will feel luxurious

Underfloor heating is essentially a practical choice.  It is one of the best ways of heating a property evenly.  In the kitchen and bathroom, underfloor heating can provide much-needed warmth through tiles.  Yet, it is the sense of luxury that underfloor heating offers that will attract buyers.  Any potential future owner will fall in love with the lifestyle that the heating system provides.

It will come as a pleasant surprise to the house viewer when you tell them that the luxury of a heated floor in the bathroom is more practical and cheaper than radiators.  It is one of the few win-wins in life.

It is a healthier option

Underfloor heating heats objects and not the air.  When a radiator heats the air, it causes dust mites to swirl and exacerbate breathing conditions.  Central heating through radiators can also dry the air in your home.  Therefore, choosing to heat from below, warming the floor that then radiates out to the wider room, you make the air healthier to breathe.

The heat is also spread more consistently through the rooms.  Consequently, you will not have hot and cold patches around your home that could encourage chills.


The perception of space is central to the value of your home.  The bigger the house feels, the more you should be able to ask for the property.  When you have radiators on the wall, you shrink the room.  You also make it difficult to place furniture, as you wouldn’t want to block the heat coming out of the radiator with a bed or a sofa.

With this in mind, putting your heating under the floor creates space. You might not think it is a lot, but you would be surprised.  Not only this, but underfloor heating gives you ultimate freedom with your interior design.  No ugly radiators are infringing on your plan.  With everything hidden away, your home looks more stylish.

The message to your buyer

When you are showing people around your home, you can use underfloor heating as a selling point.  It should increase the sense of luxury in your home and so create a feeling of desirability.  This impression will allow you to ask more for your house than you would have done before.

When you are showing people around, make reference to how the lack of radiators has helped you design the rooms you want to live in.  You should emphasize that freedom to place your furniture exactly where you desire.  If you really want to show off, you could encourage the buyer to take off their shoes as they walk into the bathroom.  If you do, just look at their face – you will have sold your home!


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