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Visual Marketing in Real Estate: A Growing Trend

The internet has changed marketing in so many different ways, with real estate agents and companies now incorporating online media as part of their marketing strategy. The rise in the use of visual marketing in real estate has been necessitated by people having lower attention spans and increasing competition in real estate.

Real estate agents have to capture the attention of prospective clients fast and keep it, otherwise, they lose traction in the industry. Visual marketing entails capturing the attention of clients using various types of media, but it incorporates much more than that.

Accelerating the Sales Process

Visual marketing uses various content types including images, 3D renders, well-staged listings and video. A realtor can use any combination of these in a gallery or individually to give clients a better feel of the property they are looking at.

Because clients get a clear idea of the property they will be buying, they do not have to come to see the property physically. Because of this, the sales process is shorter, the property spends less time on the market and the client gets to experience what the property has to offer before they set foot in it.

Getting Creative

An important factor in ensuring a property is sold as fast as possible is showing it in the best way possible. High-quality images have been used for this purpose in the past, but since every realtor is now doing this, real estate agents have to think of creative ways of standing out.

Video walkthroughs are a great idea as they let the client view the property as if they were walking through it. The realtor can provide optional narration to tell the client about the different features of the property, its unique selling proposition and a lot more. Virtual reality (VR) that gives a 360-degree view of the property and allows clients to “visit” any part of the property is also gaining popularity.

Next, we have virtual staging. Every realtor knows that staging a property increases the chances of selling it quickly and at the right price. The only problem is that a staged property requires maintenance and costs a lot to keep it in pristine condition, especially if there is rented furniture used in the staging.

Virtual staging is taking off, with companies such as Baron Design providing virtual staging services for high-end property. They can create any look, add virtual furniture and give prospective owners decorating and decor ideas should they buy the property. If you have a property you want virtually staged, you can visit them at to start virtually staging your property listing.

Visual Content is Great for Search Engines

Search engines take social signals very seriously when ranking websites. These signals include likes, shares, and engagement. Because visual content makes it easy to do all three, it is great for SEO and discoverability.

Visual content has been shown to have a bigger impact on real estate marketing outcomes than most other types of content. Visual content makes it easy for the client to visualize themselves living on the property, gives them creative ideas of what to do with the space available, and makes it easy to share your properties on their social media accounts.


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