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A Warm Home Is a Happy Home: 5 Telltale Signs You Need a New Furnace

Whether you’ve lived in the same house for years or only recently moved into a new house, you want your furnace in top form. Of course, it’s not always clear when a furnace starts its decline.

Unlike other machines that throw up a lot of obvious signals that they’re breaking down, the signals furnaces provide often prove a little more subtle. So, keep reading for some of the telltale signs you need a new furnace.

1. Your Furnace Is Old

Every machine has a standard operational lifespan. You measure a car’s lifespan in miles, with the average hovering around 150,000 miles. You can expect a furnace lifespan of around 15-20 years, assuming it gets routine maintenance.

Once your furnace gets beyond 15 years old, it’s really just a countdown to when a system failure forces a replacement. As a general rule, you should start pricing replacement units and consider when to schedule a furnace installation.

2. Sharp Uptick in Repairs

As your furnace approaches the end of its operational lifespan, more and more components will fail from wear and tear. While some repairs may come with a smaller price tag, more expensive repairs are on the horizon.

If you must call your HVAC repair person more than once or twice a year, that’s a solid indication that your furnace is on its last legs.

3. Inconsistent Heating Across Your Home

As furnaces age, they can struggle more and more with pumping heat across your whole house. You may find that one room remains comfortable at one thermostat setting while other rooms always feel colder or hotter.

That type of inconsistent heating across your home is, at the least, a sign you need someone to give the furnace a once over. In the big picture, though, it’s probably a sign that a replacement is in your near future.

4. Excessive Dust

Every home has a little dust floating around. It floats in from outside when you open your doors. Pets shed dander, and most homes host some dust mites.

If you see an increase of dust in your home with no other changes to account for it, there’s a good chance that it comes from your furnace. It becomes a bigger problem as your furnace ages and becomes less efficient.

5. Furnace Makes More or Odd Noises

One of the most obvious signs of furnace trouble is when it makes new or odd noises. You might hear an unusual hum, which can indicate loose parts or strain in the machinery. Other sounds you might hear include rattles, pops, and banging noises.

A dirty or malfunctioning flame sensor can also cause the furnace to act up and make strange noises, which may indicate the need to clean flame sensor.

Parting Thoughts on Signs You Need a New Furnace

Your old furnace will cue you when it’s time for a new furnace, but it won’t hit you over the head with its signals. It will let you know with more repairs, extra dust, or odd noises.

The biggest sign is simple age. Once your furnace hits 15 years old, assume you’re in the market for a new one.

Another part of your home that will let you know it’s time for a replacement in subtle ways is your front door. Check out our post on the signs your door will give you.


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