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Why You Should Pack Up And Move

A home is a place where you should feel most comfortable. It’s that place where you hide yourself away when you don’t want to face the world. It’s your private sanctuary that you indulge in whenever you want to, without having to apologise or do anything that you don’t want to do. And that is why it is so important that you are happy with your surroundings. If you’re not, you have one of two options – you either deal with it, or you move.

Moving is never an easy decision to make, especially if you’ve been in the same house for a long time. You have made so many memories there and the idea of walking away from that isn’t simple, but if you feel as though it’s what you need, then so be it. Remember that you can make new memories, and just because you’re leaving a property doesn’t mean that those memories fade – you can take them with you. Think of it as an exciting moment, you get to start a brand new chapter of your life and do it however way you want to. As long as you have the finances that you need, you can go anywhere and have anything.

If you still find yourself unable to make a final decision, here are some more reasons as to why you should pack up and move.

You will get rid of useless junk

Living under the same roof for a long time will cause you to accumulate quite a lot of stuff, and while at the time it will feel useful, it will most likely end up being hidden away in a storage room, be it the loft, basement, or spare bedroom. When this happens it’ll sit there, gather dust, and be forgotten about because you won’t have any reason to revisit the box of junk as you no longer need it. This all continues until you find your home full to the brim of things that serve you no purpose. So one of the great things about packing up and moving is the fact that you are forced to face the clutter head on and sort it out, clearing things that you don’t need anymore so you have a clean space to move into. Sort through all of your possessions and ask yourself if they need to come with you, or if they’re worth selling, donating, or simply putting them in the trash. It may be difficult, but it will be oh so worth it in the end and you’ll feel a whole lot lighter. Remember that a messy home will only result in a messy mind, so it not only betters your new surroundings, but your headspace too.

You will experience a new environment

When looking at homes for sale, it means that change is just around the corner, and that can come in plenty of different shapes and sizes. Now of course, one of the biggest differences will be the location that you’re in, regardless of how far you plan on moving from your original home, be it in a different town, city, state, or even country. Wherever you plan on going, it will be a feeling that you wouldn’t have felt before in that moment, and that’s what makes it so exciting. Think about all of the new little discoveries that you will be able to make every day that only enhances what fun it is to start afresh somewhere completely new. It’s an adventure that will be packed full of thrills, lessons, experiences, and laughs, so enjoy the process and allow yourself to take it all in. You may have forgotten these emotions after having spent so long in one same place. Discovery is awesome, it gives you so much to look forward to.

You will meet new people

Exploring a new area is great, but one thing that sometimes holds you is back is the idea of having to do it alone, it can be pretty nerve-racking, but remember that with moving to a new place means having plenty of opportunities to meet new crowds. You will find yourself turning into a social butterfly, fluttering around like minded people in order to make friends, whether deliberate or not. You may find yourself approaching somewhere to ask where the nearest pharmacy is, and that then naturally turns to you explaining you’re new to the area, and then of course conversation flows from that and leads to grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat. Before you know it you will have been introduced to the locals in the pub and you’ll find yourself with a group of cool friends that show you around and take you on the best nights out you’ve ever had. Making new friends makes you feel young all over again. You forget how good it feels to laugh until your snort and gossip about life and everything that comes with it. So don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbour’s door and introduce yourself – that’s if they haven’t already done it first!

You will have a new beginning

Regardless of what reason you’re moving for, whether that be because your current home is too small or too big, or the area just isn’t a nice one to be around due to your nightmare neighbours, the anticipated that you will feel of having such a drastic change will truly make you feel alive. The not knowing – as scary as it may feel – is part of the adrenaline rush that will make you feel as though you’re soaring through the sky, ready to tackle anything that passes you by. You have a chance – a do-over, and those are the things that most people constantly chase through life. You are able to move away from those bad mistakes, or memories, and leave them behind in the past where they should be, and instead have a fresh slate to build on. It is never too late to make things work, and moving is the perfect example of that. Sure, you will still face obstacles, but you’re a new, transformed, better version of yourself now.


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