Do I Really Need Mold Remediation? 5 Signs it’s Absolutely Necessary

Mold: the scourge of the Earth. An insidious entity, it can take over a home with almost no indication. So, the question is: do I really need mold remediation? 

You just might. To find out, all you have to do is look for these 5 signs. 

1. Your Home is Musty

One sign that you might need mold remediation is that your home smells musty. Musty smells generally come about due to water. Water attracts mold spores which then give off the foul odor that’s come to be known as “must”. 

Now, this doesn’t necessarily indicate the need for mold remediation. In some cases, musty smells appear simply because a home hasn’t been aired out in a while. But if you can’t find the source of the smells, you should, at the very least, have a mold remediation company come in for a test. 

2. You’re Experiencing Specific Health Symptoms

Though it’s not always the case, mold exposure can sometimes lead to allergies. If you notice the symptoms of such allergies, you could very well be exposed to mold in your home. 

Symptoms to look out for include a sore throat, a cough, watery eyes, excess sneezing, and breathing difficulties. Other symptoms to keep in mind include congestion and wheezing. 

3. There are Water Stains on Your Walls/Ceilings

Where water goes, mold follows. So, if you notice water stains on your walls or your ceilings, there’s a decent chance that there’s mold buried within them. 

Remember, mold is not always a surface-level entity. Often times, it hides underneath things, wreaking havoc on human health and causing damage to the property at large. So, don’t want until it’s presented itself visually; take action the second you notice signs of water. 

4. Your Home Was Recently Flooded

A sure sign that you need mold remediation is that your home was recently flooded. If mass amounts of water existed in your residence for prolonged periods of time, there’s no chance that it didn’t attract mold spores. These spores are there whether you can see them or not, and, with time, will grow to the point that your entire home is under attack. 

Mold remediation should be a standard part of every flood cleanup project. First, you need to get the water out. Then, you need to call up your local toxic mold remediation company. 

5. You’re Thinking of Buying a New Home

The last sign you need mold remediation is that you’re thinking about buying a new home. Simply put, the home could contain mold. To ensure that it doesn’t, you need the professionals to come in and inspect it. 

Now That You Know the Answer to “Do I Really Need Mold Remediation?” . . . 

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