Time for New Floors? Exploring the Top Flooring Trends of 2020

A well-designed house shines from top to bottom. If you’re refreshing your space, have you considered what’s underfoot? 

Flooring is an often overlooked aspect of decor. But a great floor can make a huge impact. Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one, there’s no better time to check out flooring trends. Wondering what’s out there? Read on for the hottest flooring ideas.


These days, going green hardly seems like a trend. Rather, it’s become a way of life. Homeowners are embracing sustainable materials such as bamboo, cork, and wood carpets. They’re also opting for engineering products made right here in the United States.

Environmentally-friendly flooring isn’t just great for Planet Earth. Non-toxic finishes result in cleaner indoor air and better overall health. What’s not to love?

Natural-Looking Materials

Natural floors like hardwood and stone tiles are elegant and sophisticated. But these materials are also costly and sometimes impractical to install.

The solution? Engineered products that resemble the real deal.

Technological advancements have come so far that it can be hard to distinguish real from fake. If you love the look of wood, consider these popular flooring options:

  • laminate
  • vinyl
  • ceramic tile

Dreaming of stone or marble? Check out porcelain tiles for a budget-friendly alternative. 


Warped wood. Chipped stone. Scratched tiles. Damaged floors are no easy fix. Luckily, the latest products are more durable than ever.

Choosing floors for a young family home or a high-traffic commercial space? You’ll find a wide range of products that stand up to wear and tear.

Many are even waterproof! WPC (wood plank composite) flooring is a luxury vinyl solution closely resembling laminate. Low maintenance and 100% waterproof, it’s the perfect product for kitchens, bathrooms, and damp basements. 

Pattern and Texture

Engineered products are surging in popularity. But homeowners are also craving floors with a unique, worn look. As a result, you’ll find tons of distressed options on the market. If you want floors with an aged look, check out hand-scraped products with knots and wire scratches.

Prefer a smooth finish? Why not opt for a unique layout? Doiggs Flooring can install your planks diagonally, or in a classic herringbone pattern. This job is more time-consuming and costly. But the result is a custom look that pops.

Blondes Are Having More Fun

No, we’re not talking about hair color. People are going light for their floors, too. Think blonde, light grey, off-white, and warm-honey tones.

Light-colored flooring trends can be found in tiles, carpet, and wood. They look crisp and airy. Plus, light floors can make small rooms appear bright and spacious.

These Flooring Trends Are Here to Stay

Fantastic floors are the foundation for a beautifully furnished room. Not only do they look great, but these flooring trends can increase your home’s property value.

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