Double Pane vs Triple Pane Windows: Ultimate Guide

Did you know that 25% to 35% of your heating and cooling expenses account for heat loss and gain from the windows in your home? The best windows are the key to saving on your monthly electricity bills, as well as feeling comfortable in your own home. 

The most common residential windows are either double or triple-paned. Will you be fine with two panes, or do you need three for maximum efficiency? 

The answer is different for everyone and depends on your house and your preferences. Keep reading for everything you need to know regarding double pane vs triple pane windows in your home. 

Double Pane vs Triple Pane Windows: Installation

The biggest step in getting new windows is putting them in. While window installation is a service that’s usually tacked on when you buy your panes, it’s possible to do it yourself with the right tips and tools.  

In this case, you should know that double-paned windows are much easier to install on your own. As you could guess, double-pane windows weigh less than triple-pane windows, which makes them less of a hassle to install. 

If you intend on installing your windows yourself, be sure you’re able to safely handle the weight of your window panes. You don’t want to end up making a mess of broken glass and risk injury to you or your loved ones. 

Natural Light

Getting more natural light is proven to have positive effects on your physical and mental health. It also adds organic beauty to your home during the day that fluorescent lights can’t emulate. 

If you’re very particular about the natural light in your home, it’s important to know that your window panes can affect that light. 

Double-pane windows allow for more natural light in your home. While subtle, the difference is there and you’ll be able to notice it. 

If you have a sunroom, a room with plants, or another room that you enjoy seeing natural light in, double-pane windows might be the right option. If you have a room that gets a little too much natural light for your liking, triple-pane windows could be a great way to start reducing the light in that room. 

Natural light isn’t always great for our furniture, though. UV rays can fade paint, hardwood, and the fabric your furniture is made from. 

If you have extremely valuable furniture, paintings, and floors, you may want triple-pane windows for the extra layer of UV protection. It could save you money on refurbishing and re-painting your decor.


Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own home. Unwanted drafts and waves of heat can make you feel uneasy in your house. 

While heating and cooling have made it easy to regulate the temperature indoors, no one wants to go back and forth to try and regulate the heat and airflow. 

Triple-pane windows allow for a significant reduction in condensation and drafts. This means that your home will stay warmer in cool weather and cooler in warm weather. 

While double-pane windows do a good job at preventing drafts, triple-pane windows allow for maximum comfort for you and your family. 

Noise Reduction

Sometimes we get unlucky and have loud neighbors, or maybe you live close to a major highway or airport. Either way, unwanted noises traveling through your house can be unpleasant. 

Triple-pane windows are great at keeping neighborhood noises out of your home because of the extra layer of glass. If you don’t want to replace all of your windows, you can install triple-pane windows on the noisiest sides of your house to greatly reduce noise pollution.


Your home is supposed to be the one place you know you’re safe. Windows, while nice for a view, are the most vulnerable parts of your home. 

While double-pane windows are quite sturdy, three panes of glass are always better than two. Triple-pane windows are stronger because of the added layer of glass, which will better protect you from intruders or debris from extreme weather. 


As previously noted, a lot of the money you spend on electricity quite literally flies out of your window. When considering home window replacement, the efficiency of your windows should be one of your biggest concerns. 

With double-pane windows, you can prevent 50% of the heat and cold loss that single-pane windows can’t put a stop to.

On the other hand, triple-pane windows can improve your energy efficiency by up to 30%. Triple-pane windows are especially efficient in colder climates and winter months in warmer climates.

If you live in cold climates, triple-pane windows are almost a must-have. In warmer climates, they’re another way to save a little extra money each month. 


Another huge concern when buying windows is affordability. At what point do windows become too expensive?

Simply put, double-pane windows cost less than triple-pane cost because of the added pane of glass. Between window cost and installation fees, expect to pay anywhere from $550 to $1,100 on triple-pane windows.

On the other hand, double-pane windows, including installation, only cost around $385 to $850 depending on the company you hire.

While double pane windows cost less short-term, it’s possible that triple-pane windows can save you money, in the long run, depending on the climate you live in and how often you use heating and air conditioning.

No More Pane

Now you know the benefits of double pane vs triple pane windows. Now it’s time to make your decision and get your windows installed.

Be sure to check out more of our blogs for other helpful home improvement and real estate tips. Call a professional if you need help, and enjoy your new windows!