Timeless Bathroom Designs That Are Trending in 2020

If your bathroom is in need of a fresh look, but you don’t want to go overboard with trends that could end up looking outdated within one year, we’ve got you covered.

Time has shown that specific design trends can look chic at one point in time and then suddenly look tacky a year later.

Here are some timeless bathroom designs that are trending this 2020 that will never go out of style.

The Marble Effect

We’ve seen the all marble everywhere trend in kitchens, and now it’s moving its way into our bathrooms. Marble can add a luxe feel to any space, and since it’s so versatile, your options are endless.

You can incorporate this bathroom trend into your space by opting for full-on marble walls, flooring, vanities, or even just little touches here and there through marble bathroom decor.

Well-known fashion designer Monique Lhuiller partnered up with Pottery Barn and designed a set of marble accessories that would make any bathroom look sophisticated and chic.

Natural Elements

Natural and organic elements like concrete and wood are two of the latest bathroom trends this year- even better when combined together. There are many ways to incorporate concrete, whether it be statement-making concrete walls or more subtle concrete countertops. 

This emerging bathroom trend is raw and utilitarian, yet gives a refined look to compliment all the other design elements in the space while also textural flair.

Wood can add classically traditional style to an otherwise trendy and modern bathroom, making it one of the ultimate timeless bathroom designs. When paired with concrete, other natural and organic materials, and greenery, you’ll be on your way to achieving that zen spa-like aesthetic.

Colors to Watch Out for This 2020

You may have heard that subtle hues like gray are slowly making their way out, but splashes of color(and white!) will always be in style. Deep moody colors are taking the design world by storm, and black is now the new gray.

If a black bathroom isn’t for you, you can incorporate this latest bathroom trend by going for darker matte black hardware. Switching up your hardware is a quick and demo-free way to give your bathroom a new look.

Other colors to look out for this year are forest like greens and bold blues.

When looking for the right green hue, go for shades like hunter, jade, olive, or emerald. For blue, look for indigo, denim, or even the Pantone-declared color of 2020, Classic Blue. This timeless shade is also associated with stability, introspection, and resilience, and is widely used across all categories of design.

Balance out the intensity of these rich and bold colors with light and natural accents like wood for your timeless bathroom designs.

Nods to the Past: Timeless Bathroom Designs

This year’s bathroom remodel trends involve a lot of nods to the past. Think traditional freestanding tubs, exposed industrial plumbing and fixtures in chic brass or copper, and repurposed antiques. 

Nothing says opulence like a freestanding tub. Is there anything more relaxing than soaking in a soothing bubble bath at the end of a long day? Modern designs tend to favor curvy and spacious shapes with clean minimal lines, but we wouldn’t blame you if you went all out and opted for a Victorian slipper bath for major vintage vibes.

Another bathroom trend that’s on the rise is industrial plumbing in chic and trendy metals like brass or copper. Against clean white bathrooms, these metallic fixtures steal the show and make the whites seem exceptionally bright while also adding a touch of old-world style.

With clean walls and timeless fixtures, why not add an antique dresser-turned-vanity or an antiqued armoire for a hint of European elegance and an understated yet stylish nod to the past. These vintage-inspired touches are key for timeless bathroom designs.

Ultimate Comfort and High Tech Trends

Tankless designs are on the rise when it comes to trends in toilets. They take up significantly less space than standard toilets and offer a sleek and modern minimal look. Other than being pretty to look at, they can also help conserve more water.

Other toilet trends prioritize comfort and merging design with technology- think touch screen remotes, motion-activated lids, and seat warmers.

Upgrading your toilet may seem silly, but when was the last time anyone has ever wondered, “how long do toilets last?”. Upgrading your toilet will end up saving more money on your water bill every month, so why not do it with style?

Hidden Shower Drains

For the uber minimalists out there who cringe at the sight of a mere shower drain, you’re in luck. When it comes to achieving that minimalist look, beauty is in the details- even in something as seemingly insignificant as a shower drain.

There are all sorts of hidden shower drains that will make your shower look extra sleek. There are the showers gently slope to a linear drain, and there are showers that simply minimize the look of the drain for a clean-lined look that will make all minimalists out there rejoice.

Back to Nature

Adding plants to bathrooms for a touch of natural beauty isn’t new, but it is a trend that is here to stay. They are pretty to look at, and they also improve the air quality of your space. 

Added foliage to your bathroom is another natural way to achieve that zen spa-inspired aesthetic.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

A mirror can easily brighten and change the look of a space, especially when it comes to bathrooms. This year’s bathroom mirror trends are all about unusual and nontraditional shapes. 

Go for something classic yet whimsical by going for mid-century asymmetrical designs for a timeless look.

Ready for an Upgrade?

We hope our article has given you more insight when it comes to helping you find timeless bathroom designs and inspiration. Just remember the key is to timeless design is choosing the trends and looks that you know you will still love years from now.

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