How Much House Do I Need? A Guide to Picking the Perfect Home Size

The answer to the long-debated, “does size matter?” question is yes – at least in terms of home size! When it comes to the question “how much house do I need?” size definitely matters. 

But it’s not a matter of big meaning good and small meaning bad. In fact, in some cases, it’s just the opposite. 

That’s because there are tons of factors that affect how big or small your house should be. So if you’ve been wondering, here is the ultimate guide to understanding what the perfect home size is for you! 

How Much House Do I Need? 8 Factors Of Home Size

Using these 8 factors, you can determine just how big or small your house should be. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Priorities

House sizes will vary based on where your priorities are. Creating your ideal home when you begin your search will help with this. 

Whether you create your ideal home floor plan yourself or pick one, utilizing a plan will help you notice what is most important to you in a home. Once you have your priorities outlined, you can factor them into the way such priorities will affect the size of your home. 

Examples of priorities are backyards, how many bedrooms, space for storage, etc. Then you can dive deeper into what each of these priorities entails. 

2. Outdoor Land

Depending on what your priorities for land space are, your home space can also vary. If having a lot of land is important to you, the location of your home will become a bigger deal. 

In the city, it will be harder to find outdoor space and homes will be generally smaller in comparison to the country. So, if you like your outdoorsy lifestyle and want that space, bigger homes in the country might suit your style. 

Whether it’s to increase your property value or to have a large expanse for backyard barbecue parties, land should be a factor in considering the size of your home. 

3. Family 

Obviously the size of your family impacts the size of the home you’re looking for. It would seem like a big family = big house and a small family = small house, but there is a little more to the equation!

If most of your children have moved out, how much space do you actually need? If you have small kids, would they prefer to share bedrooms or have their own? 

There’s actually a lot of flexibility here, which is where your priorities come in for yourself and the rest of your family. 

4. Environment

Yes, the environment comes into play when picking a home size believe it or not – at least it should! 

Living sustainably to benefit the earth comes in many small ways, like limiting waste through reusing and buying secondhand. But it also can come in big ways like choosing a smaller house to limit your carbon emissions. 

In design, you can also make energy-efficient choices like picking a kitchen that fits Energy Star appliances. Obviously, in comparison to making sure you can accommodate your needs in a house, this factor is a bit smaller.

But, when you can add it into your house size choice, it’s a great decision to make!

5. Comfortability

Being comfortable in your home is key, and that looks different for everybody.

Some people get claustrophobic in small places and need that openness in a home. Others hate having too much space and need to have everything close together. 

Figuring out where you stand can help you pick a house size that fits just right. And don’t forget that in home decor and potential renovation there are plenty of ways to make a big space seem smaller and vice versa. 

6. Price

Here is where some compromising and big decisions get made on the HGTV shows. Prices of homes can make or break the choice to buy them a lot of the time, and in selecting house size the price applies. 

Make a budget for yourself so that you know how much you’re willing to spend on a home. You should consider the location of your house when you do this because prices fluctuate a good amount. 

A large house in one city might be far more affordable than a house the same size in a different one, so where are you willing to find a middle ground? 

7. Designated Space

When you think about space, it can seem a little vague, but the best way to think about it is the space that isn’t a bedroom or bathroom. That means living rooms, kitchens, family rooms, storage, and the like. 

A lot of the time people get a house with too much space and find they don’t know what to do with it. This can lead to that space being used for storage, causing an accrual of unnecessary items. 

When looking for the perfect house size, plan out designated spaces for activity and storage so that you know how much space you actually need. 

8. Future

Finally, when considering the size of your home, think about the way that your home is going to last in the coming years. How do you want it to stand the test of time? 

Are you hoping to add more members to your family or see your kids leaving and becoming independent? And how will that change the way that your house will be used? 

Envisioning a future in a home can help you find out the size that matters most to you. 

Home, Sweet Home

So whether it’s a ranch-style on the countryside or a penthouse in a metropolitan city, hopefully, you’ve answered the question, “How much house do I need?” 

House sizes may seem tricky at first, but with this ultimate guide, you’ll have a strong foundation to start with. So what are you waiting for? 

Draft that priorities list and look into that real estate market to find your perfect home today. 

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