The Benefits of Having a Diesel Powered Generator

Diesel powered generators are a common sight in many industries, institutions, and business establishments. These generators are famed for their ruggedness, build quality, and reliability in handling whatever you throw at them. They are more efficient and last longer than gasoline generators, which explains their widespread popularity. 

These generators have broad applications and are a staple in many industries. So whether you’re in construction, mining, hospitality, or even healthcare, a diesel powered generator always comes in handy. 

If you’ve been mulling whether you should get a diesel powered generator, read on to learn about its many benefits. That way, you’ll be more confident about your next purchase, if you’re getting a diesel generator.

Advantages of a Diesel Powered Generator

When you’re out looking for a generator, your options boil down to two main types. These are diesel powered generators and gasoline-powered generators. Admittedly, each has its own pros and cons, but the diesel powered generator has a clear edge over its counterpart.

Here are a few benefits of diesel generators that give it bang for the buck.


Diesel generators are very efficient for the mere fact that they use diesel. Diesel is great because of its high energy density to volume ratio and relative stability as compared to natural gas. This translates to greater fuel efficiency with incredible work output.

When you compare it to its natural gas counterpart, diesel generators will do the same amount of work with half as much fuel. In the long run, you end up saving a bundle on fuel costs when you opt for a diesel generator.

Incredibly Versatile

It’s hard to miss a diesel generator in the power room of many industries and large establishments. Because of their versatility, you’ll find diesel generators everywhere. Most industries prefer diesel generators because of their fuel efficiency and capability.

Apart from industrial plants, you’ll find them in supermarkets, hospitals, and colleges countrywide. Industries and most organizations connect them to the grid to provide energy in case of power interruptions. There are, however, portable diesel generators that are ideal for off-grid projects.

So whether you’re on the grid or not, you can always trust a diesel powered generator to satisfy all your energy needs. 


Generators need to withstand harsh conditions to meet energy requirements for specific industrial applications. As such, manufacturers build these generators to be as sturdy and as rugged as they can.

The rugged build of these generators means you don’t have to worry about your generator breaking down because of high compression use. It also means you can also use your diesel generator for rigorous operations like construction and mining provided it satisfies the power output requirements.


Diesel generators generally last longer than their gas-powered counterparts. Generally, a standard diesel generator should last a minimum of 15,000 hours to 50,000 hours before they require any servicing. If you do your math, say you use your generator for 5 hours a day, it will take 2,000 days to reach 10,000 hours, let alone the 50,000.

The reason for this longevity is because diesel generators have simpler parts that move much slower than gasoline generator parts. As such, there’s not much friction between the parts hence less wear and tear. 

Furthermore, diesel generators have water cooling, which is more effective than standard air cooling. Because they run cooler than gasoline generators, you can expect them to last much longer.

Require Less Servicing and Maintenance

Diesel powered generators don’t require as much servicing and maintenance as gas generators do. Apart from being tiresome, frequent servicing and repairs also run up a huge tab and disrupt ongoing company activities for repairs and maintenance.

Unlike gas generators, these generators don’t have spark plugs, which means you don’t have to maintain them as much. If you only use the generator for power outages and such, you won’t need to service it for a good long time.

Cheaper to Run

Diesel generators are cheaper to run than standard ones. First off, diesel fuel is significantly less expensive than gasoline, so the first thing you save on is operating costs. Next, you don’t have to spend so much cash on servicing and maintenance because of the reasons we’ve already talked about.

Also, because of their rugged and robust build, you don’t have to worry about paying for unnecessary repairs. All in all, a diesel generator is much cheaper to run than the standard gasoline generators.

Lesser Likelihood of Ignition failure

Remember, we mentioned earlier that diesel generators don’t have spark plugs for ignition, but instead use a combination fuel injection and air compression to start. This mechanism drastically reduces the chances of ignition failure that is too common with gasoline generators. 

No Need for Extra Fuel

Large diesel trucks are ideal for transporting these generators. That means you won’t need to carry any extra fuel when transporting the generator to where it needs to be. This is more convenient than having to carry extra containers of gasoline with the generator when transporting it.

Choosing the Right Diesel Powered Generator

When you’re in the market for a diesel generator, here’s what you should consider to make the right purchase.

  1. Size– Your generator is of no use if it doesn’t meet your power requirements. As such, you must get the right size generator for it to suit its purpose.
  2. Control systems– A generator’s control system determines its efficiency and ease-of-use. So before settling on a generator, make sure you get one with an ideal control system. Try your best to find one with a power management system (PMS) for easier operation.
  3. Fuel efficiency– Diesel engines are already fuel-efficient, but you need to find the most fuel-efficient model. Ask for an estimate on fuel consumption before purchasing one.

Diesel Generators Are Worth Every Penny

Diesel powered generators are incredible contraptions with excellent value for money. Despite the acquisition costs being high, diesel generators are an economically feasible choice with excellent ROI. Now all that’s left for you is to get a good manufacturer and see how you can snag yourself a diesel powered generator for your organization.

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