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3635 frantz road
3635 FRANTZ ROAD, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2016 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 8,302 Baths: 6/1
Price: $2,395,000
1621 s bayshore dr
1621 S Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2016 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 10,775 Baths: 5/2
Price: $2,350,000
4080 ensenada av
4080 ENSENADA AV, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2015 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 6,613 Baths: 4/1
Price: $2,320,000
3773 matheson ave
3773 Matheson Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1925 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 10,500 Baths: 4/0
Price: $2,300,000
4070 woodridge rd
4070 Woodridge Rd, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2016 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 8,704 Baths: 5/1
Price: $2,295,000
3990 hardie av
3990 HARDIE AV, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2003 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 12,320 Baths: 6/1
Price: $2,275,000
3664 palmetto ave
3664 Palmetto Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2015 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 7,000 Baths: 4/1
Price: $2,250,000
4045 bonita av
4045 BONITA AV, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2016 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 8,023 Baths: 3/1
Price: $2,250,000
4155 kiaora st
4155 Kiaora St, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1946 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 21,187 Baths: 3/1
Price: $2,200,000
4100 bonita avenue
4100 BONITA AVENUE, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2014 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 6,480 Baths: 4/2
Price: $2,200,000
1709 espanola dr
1709 Espanola Dr, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2008 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 7,000 Baths: 5/
Price: $2,199,000
3553 royal palm ave
3553 Royal Palm Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1989 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 10,500 Baths: 4/1
Price: $2,199,000
2523 lincoln ave
2523 Lincoln Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2001 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 5,145 Baths: 3/
Price: $2,180,000
3721 hibiscus st
3721 Hibiscus St, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1981 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 8,505 Baths: 4/
Price: $2,150,000
3659 bayview
3659 BAYVIEW, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1922 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 12,000 Baths: 5/
Price: $2,150,000
1668 micanopy ave
1668 Micanopy Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2006 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 7,500 Baths: 5/1
Price: $2,100,000
4049 ventura ave
4049 Ventura Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2017 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 5,800 Baths: 4/1
Price: $2,100,000
3515 e fairview st
3515 E FAIRVIEW ST, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2002 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 7,867 Baths: 5/0
Price: $2,099,000
3535 e fairview st
3535 E Fairview St, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2004 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 8,134 Baths: 6/1
Price: $1,999,000
4120 bonita avenue
4120 BONITA AVENUE, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2016 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 5,940 Baths: 5/1
Price: $1,999,000
4061 matheson av
4061 MATHESON AV, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2016 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 6,480 Baths: 4/1
Price: $1,999,000
1896 tigertail ave
1896 Tigertail Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1947 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 20,000 Baths: 5/0
Price: $1,930,000
1665 s bayshore dr
1665 S BAYSHORE DR, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1915 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 23,005 Baths: 3/0
Price: $1,900,000
3525 n bay homes dr
3525 N Bay Homes Dr, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1992 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 5,000 Baths: 5/2
Price: $1,890,000
1645 tigertail ave
1645 Tigertail Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1950 Beds: 5
Sq.Ft: 7,350 Baths: 3/1
Price: $1,890,000
3500 s moorings way
3500 S Moorings Way, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1926 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 12,000 Baths: 4/1
Price: $1,790,000
4160 lybyer ave
4160 Lybyer Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1941 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 16,766 Baths: 3/0
Price: $1,700,000
1701 micanopy ave
1701 Micanopy Ave, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1935 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 16,020 Baths: 4/1
Price: $1,699,000
3755 s douglas rd
3755 S Douglas Rd, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 2016 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 6,500 Baths: 4/1
Price: $1,699,000
174 shore dr
174 Shore Dr, Coconut Grove, 33133
Year: 1955 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 9,000 Baths: 4/
Price: $1,650,000

About Coconut Grove Homes for Sale

Culturally rich, historically profound. A modern day paradise set in a beautiful location. It's no wonder that the Coconut Grove homes for sale are such high desirable assets that they never stay on the market for very long. Home buyers in the region have long held the neighborhood in such high esteem that it is normally at the top of any list of potential homes that offer safety, great schools, and an active lifestyle. A variety of waterfront and non-waterfront homes with an abundant range of architectural styles make-up this exceptional community. The community is rich in history and is well-known as an incredible place to raise children successfully with the exemplary private schools like Ransom Everglades and Carrollton nearby. The amazing climate of South Florida is certainly a blessing with its endless summer. The natural beauty of the Coconut Grove real estate is significantly enhanced by the deep cultural heritage and a prime location that has it all. World-class shopping, fine restaurants, and exciting entertainment options are all within the area.

The municipality dates all of the way back to the year 1825, nearly a century before most of Miami's initial development wave. The famous lighthouse of Cape Florida began its life at that time. Some fifty years later, the community formally became Coconut Grove and developed more infrastructure for its new immigrants. Coconut Grove real estate development began when the first hotel was built in the area, the Bayview Inn. This activity spurred the arrival of even more immigrants into the area that were attracted to the tremendous weather and beauty of the waterfront. The neighborhood had several different boom expansions during its life. Immigrants from Great Britain, Canada, and Americans from the Northeast, in particular, saw the opportunity to forge ahead and create their new homes in paradise. For anyone wishing to see the past glory and culture of the Nineteen Twenties, the Vizcaya Gardens is the place to go. It's a short drive away and is the site of many high-profile Coconut Grove weddings.

Modern day coordinates for the neighborhood are south of Brickell, and it's fast-paced business district for law firms, financial investment firms and multi-million dollar condos, and east of the Coral Gables, which encompasses the University of Miami and another beautiful residential community. The homes for sale in Coconut Grove have easy access to the major streets of Miami like Le Jeune Rd and S Dixie Hway. Getting to Key Biscayne is also a breeze by taking the causeway just to the south. If residents are looking for a nice evening out, there are plenty of local establishments within the community and South Beach is only a 15-minute drive away if there is a craving for a more wild night out.

The character and charm of the city are certainly old-world, but with the top modern conveniences of a world-class city. Dense vegetation surrounds many of the beautiful Coconut Grove homes for sale, making them exceptionally appealing. The liberal use of limestone and coral throughout its buildings accentuate the timeless style of this iconic location. Coconut real estate has something for everyone with a multitude of home sizes, architectural, and interior designs. Some of the gated mansions within the community are fit for a king and queen. Nothing short of incredibly regal residences. It's common to see colorful peacocks roaming within the beautiful tree-lined boulevards within the community. The pedestrian-friendly city planning has made for easy strolling along gorgeous streets that take one back into a special time. Many nickname the area as 'The Grove' and enjoy visiting CocoWalk for the best food and entertainment options south of South Beach.

Currently the Coconut Grove homes for sale range in price a mere three hundred thousand for a simple starter home all of the way up to nearly ten million for a magnificent estate. But the closed sales have risen much, much higher with new records being set. A sale of nearly $35 million recently closed for a seven-acre estate. This price was the highest for a mansion estate in Coconut Grove's history and is also one of the top residential this year for the entire South Miami area. The buyer was apparently the private school Ransom. The estate, La Brisa, closed in June of 2016 and will no doubt raise the bar once again for future property appreciation within the community.

The non-waterfront variety of Coconut Grove homes for sale is also demonstrating equally robust strength. The property located at 3720 Poinciana Avenue closed at a price of $2.6mil or just over six hundred dollars per square foot. The five bedroom, five and a half bath home was set on a lot size of three-quarters of an acre and boasted grand, lush landscaping with beautiful trees and garden on the premises. There was also a guest house on the property for visitors. Now is the time to live in this amazing community. Browse our listings above and contact us today. We'll arrange a private tour of your favorite homes. Take the step forward now and select your dream home. Experience that best that South Florida has to offer.

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