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1340 normandy dr
1340 Normandy Dr, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1938 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 5,877 Baths: 2/
Price: $550,000
1510 normandy dr
1510 Normandy Dr, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1949 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 6,480 Baths: 3/
Price: $535,000
1510 normandy dr
1510 Normandy Dr, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1949 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 6,480 Baths: 3/
Price: $535,000
1510 normandy dr
1510 Normandy Dr, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1949 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 2,249 Baths: 3/
Price: $532,000
1411 normandy dr
1411 Normandy Dr, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 2006 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 6,379 Baths: 3/
Price: $529,000
1400 biarritz dr
1400 BIARRITZ DR, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1936 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 1,644 Baths: 2/0
Price: $495,000
1915 normandy dr
1915 Normandy Dr, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1940 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 6,250 Baths: 2/
Price: $469,000
1384 biarritz dr
1384 Biarritz Dr, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1953 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 6,875 Baths: 2/0
Price: $450,000

About Normandy Island

Quality value for Miami Beach. Luxury living with abundant serenity and convenience. Normandy Island is surrounded by the Biscayne Bay and offers an abundant mix of beautiful waterfront and non-waterfront homes. Boaters and golfers are both quite fond of Normandy Isle due to the ease of entry onto Biscayne Bay and the proximity to Normandy Shores Golf Club. The area offers tremendous convenience through easy travel along 79th Street to the beach or driving across to the mainland of Miami. Residents have the best of both worlds in their community. Many feel that homes in the area offer quality value to what is available on the market in North Miami Beach and further west into Miami.
It's impossible to miss the unique style of MiMo buildings that give a special authentic charm with a hint of European influence to Normandy Isle.  This style from building to building stands out from the rest of Miami Beach or the Art Deco of South Beach. The small community has its own character and is labeled as the next great up and coming area now that Mid Beach has transformed fully into the Faena District with condos setting record high prices on a daily basis.
The area is currently undergoing a renaissance that is benefiting residents and business owners alike.  The North Beach location is the last remaining stretch of Miami Beach to undergo a massive round of property value appreciation.  The canals and waterways that run through the community give it a special feel and connection to the water for the residents. With its shops and amazing beaches, Collins Avenue is a short stroll away to for those who wish to enjoy the gentle warmth of the South Florida sun. There are several highly-rated restaurants within the community that are strong attractions to those that are interested in the more reasonably priced, high-quality food (that is growing increasingly difficult to find on Miami Beach).  Residents of Normandy Isles can enjoy a wide variety of international dishes without having a five-diamond chef prepare them and charging fifty dollars per entree. It a community that has a down to Earth feeling while still containing breathtaking, world-class natural scenery.  The stunning palm trees and vegetation that line the neighborhood and gorgeous water views are simply jaw dropping.
Henry Levy is known as the founder of Normandy Island. He moved to Miami Beach from Cincinnati and took the community from a mangrove swamp into a modern, thriving city. For the years, he demonstrated a razor-sharp focus of 24-hour dredging to carve out the land best for development. He was also instrumental in getting the approvals and building the 79th Street Causeway, which still today is the major connector of the area to the rest of Miami. Later in the 1920's Levy created the trophy monument within the community. Normandy Fountain back then, was quite close to having a beachfront location before the expansion of land further into the Atlantic Ocean. Levy's background was that of a movie mogul, specializing in the silent movies of the time. He saw Normandy Island as a jewel of the South with no other land in the North able to compare. The goal was to create an integrated community that came together through outdoor events and markets.  The glue that brings people together living consciously and happily.  Most of the boulevards and streets within Normandy Island are named after cities in France along with the country's best geographical landmarks. Nowadays, the square around the fountain, attractive non-chain restaurants and a farmer's market combine to gather people together for an active lifestyle full of events and a micro-culture away from the glitz and pretentiousness of South Beach.
The Miami Vice era saw Normandy Island plagued with drug-related street crimes. But things have changed completely into the 2000's.  Today police officers now often know residents by their first names and patrol the area on golf carts. This makes it easy for smooth access to the Normandy Island golf course.  The land encompassing the golf course was donated to the City by M. C Gryzmish in January 1928. The golf course then began to take shape in 1937 by golf course architects Howard Toomy and William Flynn. The course, clubhouse, and amenities were completed in the later part of 1941. A subsequent renovation took place in 1956 and at that point the area was christened as the IT spot for the rich and famous of the world to congregate and enjoy the beautiful South Florida endless summer. Normandy Island was a legendary community that had many professional golfers as regular players on the beautifully manicured greens within the municipality. It stands to this day as a wonderful course for the neighborhood to enjoy.
Normandy Isle leadership is forward thinking with a watchful eye for the future. The city is making a significant capital investment into the open water areas with supporting activity bases.  Life around the water will allow residents to enjoy new kayak stations and docks for personal watercraft, along with benches and landscaping to get the most out of the magnificent community.  Plans are underway to fully connect a biking and jogging thoroughfare through amazing natural scenery along the water.  The path will extend all of the way up from South Point Park on South Beach to Normandy Isles.  Residents enjoy the perfect location with the amazing shopping of Bal Harbour to the North East and the nightlife and fun of South Beach to the South. One day strolling through the community, you just might bump into one of the famous celebrity residents like actor Andy Garcia. With so much to offer it's no wonder that Normandy Isle is one of the hottest new residence locations on all of Miami Beach. Browse our listings and contact us today to arrange your private showing of homes.

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