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These 3 Things Can Make Your Home Unsellable

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When listing a property on the market, you have to ensure it’s in the best possible condition for a sale. There are some instances where you may have to just sell your property regardless of the state it’s in, but most of you will be looking to get as much value out of it as possible. After all, a house is an investment, and you want to get a positive ROI.

Nevertheless, instances occur when your property simply will not sell. You’ve had it on the market for many months, but it just isn’t selling at all. Some people are interested, but after a viewing or two, they leave. Why won’t your property sell, and what can you do to prevent this? Often, the best way to prevent it from happening is to understand what causes it. So, here are three things that can make your home unsellable:

Building restrictions

Your home’s location will have a key role in if it sells quickly or not. However, certain locations can be dealbreakers for a lot of buyers. We’re talking about locations with specific restrictions in place for further developments. In essence, you aren’t allowed to extend your home or build on certain parts of the property. For many buyers, this is too much of a problem to deal with. It’s annoying, as it’s literally not your fault at all. The best thing to do is focus on making your property seem so good that nobody would ever need to extend it!

Roofing problems

A house with a terrible roof will always be hard to sell. Why? Because the future buyers will know they have a substantial task on their hands. They’ll know they have to invest in roofing repairs or installations before they can move into the house. This costs more money for them, as well as being additional stress they really can’t be bothered to deal with. Plus, roofing issues tend to lead to problems in the attic – like dampness and water damage. Both of these can be massive warning signs for buyers, deterring them from purchasing. It’s a good idea to find companies like High & Tight Roofing who can fix or install a roof for you. If your home has roof issues, you should fix them before listing it for sale. Yes, it’s an investment on your behalf, but you will reap the rewards with a faster sale.

A ridiculous price tag

Stubbornness is arguably the main thing that makes a home unsellable. If you’re stubborn when setting the price, your home will never sell. This sort of thing happens all the time. People want a set amount for their homes, and they refuse to budge. Nobody will pay the price, and the estate agent is begging the seller to lower their asking price. The seller refuses, and the house stays on the market forever. You have to be a bit flexible with the pricing if you want your home to sell!

Be aware of these three things if you want to avoid owning a house that refuses to sell. When building restrictions are the issue, things do become harder for you. However, you have to compromise by maybe lowering the asking price, or by bigging up every other aspect of your home.


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