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Add Value To Your Property By Focusing On Bathrooms

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Property owners should always keep one eye on the value of their property. Whether you intend to sell now or later, you need the value to go up. You’ll discover plenty of ways to do this, but focusing on bathrooms is a smart tactic.

When people buy a house, they mainly focus on two rooms. Firstly, they want to see how many bedrooms a house has. Then, they look at how many bathrooms it contains. Not only that, but the quality of the bathrooms plays a vital role. People are willing to pay extra for a house with a modern and spacious bathroom!

With all of this in mind, how should you focus on bathrooms to add value to your home? As you can imagine, a few ideas instantly spring to mind…

Add an en-suite extension

Home extensions are already excellent at boosting the value of a property. Furthermore, making your extension an en-suite bathroom will do wonders. Instantly, you’ve added another bathroom to a home. Now, the master bedroom has an en-suite, transforming the home’s convenience. It lets the people living in the house have two bathrooms to choose from, rather than one. This will save a lot of stress during the morning rush, particularly if it’s a family with kids.

Remember, people always pay extra for added convenience. Plus, en-suite bathrooms have a luxury element to them. They’re a unique selling point that stands out and grabs attention. This can draw more buyers to your property, generating more interest. Of course, the more interested parties there are, the more the value will go up. All of this can happen with the simple addition of an en-suite extension!

Low-maintenance bathrooms

The next idea is to focus on bathrooms requiring low maintenance. It’s no secret that the bathroom is notoriously hard to clean. Why? Because of all the water and moisture present. Plus, bathrooms typically have tiled floors and walls. As such, dirt and mold can form in the grouting, which is near-impossible to remove.

Consider the tasks required to maintain the average bathroom. You need to dry down surfaces every day, prevent dust, and so on. Not only that, but you need more extensive cleaning periodically. It’s way more effort than a living room or bedroom needs. So, if you can make your bathrooms easier to maintain, it can instantly boost the property value.

The trick is moving away from traditional bathroom tiles. You can find many alternative flooring options that can be swept clean in seconds. Similarly, you should find no-grout options for the walls. They do exist, and you get a wonderful mix of style, minus the maintenance. If you want, they even do some designs that mimic tiles without actually having the grout between them. When people see a bathroom like this, they will be eager to pay more for your home. Once again, we go back to the idea of convenience. You are making their life easier – it is easier to look after the property. Therefore, they will be willing to pay more!

Make sure there is a shower

This seems like an obvious addition to a bathroom. However, you’ll be surprised at how many homes don’t contain a shower. Generally speaking, most people will prefer a shower in the bathroom to a tub. If you have to pick between the two, always opt for a shower. There are a couple of reasons why showers come out on top. Yes, you’ve guessed it, convenience is one of the reasons! Showers make life easier for everyone. Imagine having to take a bath before work every morning? It’s simply not practical in modern times. Showers exist for a reason – they were developed as an easier way to wash. Most modern families will want one, so your property value goes up if you have one.

Secondly, showers are more accessible to the general population. Especially if you consider doorless walk-in shower ideas where you can walk straight in and shower. Bathtubs present risks for the elderly, disabled individuals, and so on. So, with showers in your bathrooms, you instantly appeal to a wider market.

In all honesty, this is where having numerous bathrooms is so advantageous. If you can add more than one bathroom to your home, you can have a shower in one and a tub in the other. With the tub, you can also add a shower to it, maximizing convenience. It gives people more options, so your home is more desirable.

As you can now see, bathrooms play an integral role in determining property value. If you’re developing a property and want to make it as valuable as possible, focus on the bathrooms!


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