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Energy-efficient Improvements for Your New Home

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When you move into a new home, there can understandably be some important changes that you want to make. In fact, before you move in, you might want to fix up some things. This will ensure everything is ready when it’s time for the big move. One of the things that you might want to do is make your new home more energy-efficient. Energy efficiency helps you to create a home that’s future-proofed and sustainable. In addition, it also helps you to save money by reducing the amount of energy that you use. But what are the changes you should make for better energy-efficiency?


Insulating your home properly is a key solution for anyone who wants to save energy. When you insulate, it helps to keep heat in during the winter. It can also help to keep your home cool when you have your air conditioning running in the summer. Your home can be insulated in a few different ways. It’s a good idea to start with the roof, where a lot of energy can escape. Other places that could be insulated include walls, floors, and crawl spaces or basements. Try looking at natural insulation materials if you want an eco-friendly option.

Upgraded HVAC

Your heating and cooling can use up a lot of energy, but you want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Firstly, you should make sure that you have efficient appliances for heating and cooling. Whether you have a furnace, boiler, or some other form of energy for your heating, you might need to have it serviced or even replace it to make it more efficient. One thing to consider might be a smart thermostat. It can help you to keep track of how much energy you’re using and give you better control over the temperature in your home too.

Draft Repair

If your home is very drafty, it means that hot or cold air can get where you don’t want it to be. It makes it more difficult to keep your home cool in the hotter months and warm when it’s cold. So seeking out any areas where there may be air leaks is important. You can often feel these yourself, especially on windy days. If you hold your hand where a draft is, you can feel the air coming in. You can also use a candle to see if there’s an air leak. Plugging up gaps can fix these problems and get rid of drafts.

New Windows

Your home’s windows and doors can make a difference if you’re trying to improve energy-efficiency. When you have poor-quality windows, it means your home isn’t very well insulated. If you’re buying a new home, replacing the windows might be one of the first things that you want to do. A specialist glazing company like Renewal by Andersen can help you with window replacements to ensure better efficiency. If you live somewhere particularly cold, double-glazing or triple-glazing your windows can offer extra protection. If you don’t want to replace windows, consider at least making sure you caulk and seal them.

Solar Panels

A number of energy-efficient renewable energy products are available for your home. One of the most popular options is solar panels because they’re suitable for so many homes. You don’t necessarily have to live somewhere very sunny, although you will benefit more when you live somewhere that has more sunny days. Solar panels can go on your roof or might be suitable for other places on your property. You can use them to produce energy for your home or to heat water. They could help you be more energy-efficient and also save you money.


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