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4 Spring Home Improvement Projects You Can Tackle This Year

Spring is upon us, and that means many families and individuals are thinking about yard work and home improvement projects. There’s always lots to do if you’re a homeowner. During the pandemic, many people have more downtime than usual, and there’s no reason you can’t be productive if Covid-19 has restricted your normal social activities.

We’ll go over a few spring projects you might want to consider this year. You don’t really need to have any particular expertise to handle any of these.

You Can Do Some Garage Door Maintenance

If you have a garage, then garage door maintenance might be on your mind this spring. Now that the cold weather is dissipating, you can head out to the garage to see how well your door is operating.

Removing dirt and debris from the tracks is one easy thing you can do to ensure smooth door operation. Look in the tracks and see if you can find any dirt, leaves, or another buildup. A rag and an old toothbrush are all this project take, though you might get some soap and water to help you out as well.

You should also lubricate all the door-opening machinery. You can do so with some non-silicone lithium-based grease. You don’t want to use WD-40 since that can do more harm than good in some instances.

Clean Out the Garage or Basement

Next, you can wait for a nice day and clean out your basement, root cellar, or garage. Perhaps all three need some cleaning and rearranging.

It’s easy for piles of unwanted items to stack up in a garage, basement, or attic. You might be a bit of a hoarder, thinking that someone will want to use that broken-down bicycle or child’s crib someday.

Take a hard look at everything in your basement or wherever else you plan to clean. Ask yourself what you’re going to use in the future and what you’re okay discarding.

You can either pile it up for the trash collection, or else you can have a yard sale if you feel like you can get some quick money for any of it. Also, when you do this, you’ll free up space in your garage or basement, and then you can do something else with it, like setting up an exercise bike or a yoga mat for at-home exercise.

Clean the Gutters

You can call someone to clean your gutters professionally, but you can also do it yourself to save some money. Professional gutter cleaning can get pretty expensive, and you might want to save some cash by handling the job yourself.

Get some heavy-duty gloves and a sturdy ladder and set it up by the gutters. You’ll particularly want to clean out the ones that have trees overhead. The trees likely drop their leaves in the gutter during the fall, and they can clog your downspouts and stop them from draining water as they should.

Be sure to wear some old jeans or other clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty since this job can get messy. Also, don’t undertake this task if you have vertigo or feel nervous on ladders. Have a family member or friend stand at the bottom and hold the ladder steady for you.

Replant the Yard

You might also have a yard that’s not in the best shape when winter ends. Maybe it’s the front, or it could be the back. Perhaps both have seen better days.

If you have a dog, or more than one, they might dig up the yard or do their business back there. There’s no way around that, but if you want your yard to look green and lush again by the summer, you need to reseed it every spring.

You can get grass seed at a Home Depot and sprinkle it wherever you see bare patches. Make sure to get the right kind of grass seed since there are different ones. You’ll probably want a particular one depending on whether your yard gets a lot of sun or whether overhanging trees don’t allow much sunlight to get through.

Water the grass seed as the directions indicate and watch as the new blades start to sprout. Before too long, your grass should look uniformly full and thick again.

Now, both inside and outside, your house will look springtime ready. When you have company over, you will impress them, and when you decide to sell, you can get top market value.

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash


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