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3 Ways To Put Safety First In Home Improvement Projects

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DIY home projects offer many benefits worth considering. First, it’s a great way to reduce costs on repairs and simple home improvements. Moreover, you can acquire skills to generate additional income for your family. These skills can also come in handy after retirement. Statistics indicate that 36% of homeowners underwent a DIY project to improve their living space. So are you planning a home improvement project soon? Here’s how to prioritize safety for the best results.

  • Invest in protective clothing 

Protective clothing or PPEs are common at construction sites, as they offer protection against hazards. However, they are not limited to construction workers. Since you’d be handling tools and working with chemical products, investing in protective clothing is a smart choice. Without it, you are at risk of experiencing injuries, as research indicates that DIYers’ cuts, burns, and eye injuries are common. Therefore, it’s important to invest in protective clothing before attempting DIY projects. You should consider getting safety goggles to guard your eyes against debris like wood and metal shavings, toxic solvents, etc. All-purpose gloves are a good addition to prevent foreign objects from hurting your hands. As a tip, opt for leather or rubber options for more protection. Other items to consider are portable mats, knee caps, earplugs, earmuffs, etc. Fortunately, PPEs are easy to find with several affordable choices.

  • Choose high-quality tools 

Tools are also essential for your projects, so it is advisable to purchase high-quality tools. Defective tools can be hazardous or even life-threatening, as they can cause amputations, dismemberments, broken bones, puncture wounds, cuts, lacerations, etc. Experts indicate that nail guns, saws, and power drills cause the most injuries, so getting defective options can be more harmful than beneficial. This makes it essential to ensure that whatever tools you buy are fully functional. There are signs that can alert you of the tools’ condition, so keep this in mind. For instance, if your power saw has loose blades or your nail gun misfires, you may want to replace them. Better yet, you’ll find it helpful to buy tools from credible companies like Ace Hardware to be safe. If you already have tools, ensure that they are in great condition before using them for the best results.

  • Understand your limitations 

Admittedly, you may want to DIY to reduce costs, flex your skills, or other reasons. However, you need to understand how much you can handle for your safety. Indeed, you can attempt certain home improvement jobs without inducing many consequences. For instance, you can install a new front door, powerwash your driveway or repaint your home’s exterior. However, other projects like installing a new roof are best left to the professionals. Undertaking a roofing project can be particularly hazardous without the right skills. You risk falling and sustaining major injuries or losing your life. You can also cause significant damage to your property, incurring an additional loss. Therefore, you want to work with professionals on more complex projects.


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