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4 Building Designs And Trends In Home Organization And Planning

The home organization market is growing at a fast pace, valued at $10.5 billion in 2018. One of the factors that contribute to its growth is the obsession of decluttering or tidying up a home. Driven by this passion, house buyers expect to get more out of the storage space in a home, whether it is to store clothes, food or supplies.

Shelves and other organization products are important parts of new home builds to manage clutter. Real estate builders must include innovative storage and organization solutions to keep the design of a home neat and free of clutter.

Open Shelving

Open shelves are not new concepts, and were common in 18th century kitchen designs. Today, they are not only seen in kitchens, but also throughout the house. The design can make spaces feel light and open.

They can be fully or partially recessed into a wall for a minimalist or subtle finish, but can also be used as stand-alone furniture. The advantage of open shelving in the kitchen is that you can easily find what you are looking. On the other hand, the appearance of open shelves looks unfinished, which may or may not contribute to its charm.

Big Pantries

To complement the increase in open shelving builds, pantries are also getting larger. They feature plenty of adjustable shelves, pull out baskets, and work surfaces.

As homeowners are obsessed with decluttering their counter tops, pantry doors may even be hidden as cabinet doors. In parallel, concealed storage for appliances around counter tops and secret drawers hold coffee pods, spices and seasonings.

Backyard Storage

For homes with limited living space or a small garage, a garden storage shed offers value to the property. It can be used to keep garden equipment, materials and furniture, making the backyard neat and clutter-free.

According to experts, the value of the shed can be maximized if there is a building permit, the structure is custom built, it is kept in a good condition and if its style matches that of the home.

Multi-functional Storage

The multi-generational living arrangement is a growing trend that makes sense to many families. It allows them to care for aging parents and children under one roof, reducing expenses. Living together is a common practice in several countries outside of the United States, especially with extended families.

Thus, home buyers who plan for the future expect to get more out of their storage space to accommodate the elderly and promote aging in place. Adjustable shelves and cabinets that can be altered to allow accessible storage are ideal.

A well-organized home is valuable, and a pleasant place to live in. By incorporating practical adjustable furniture and storage systems, potential home buyers are more likely to invest in a structure that offers adaptable storage solutions, both indoors and outdoors.


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