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Creating Your Want List: 5 Tips for Choosing Amenities in a Home

When you are purchasing a home, you probably have a “want list” of all the items and characteristics that make up your perfect home. Some are completely personal, like preferring wallpaper to pained walls. Others, however, are critical for maintaining the value of your home and ensuring you will get a good price if you choose to resell.

Here are five items you might consider for your want list. If you can check off these items or others like them, you will not only enjoy your living space but you will also improve your odds of easily selling it to another buyer when the time is right.

1. Location

Not all amenities are tangible items. Location is the key amenity for a house because it is something that is integral to the home’s value.

Luckily the value of location depends on what you want from your home. If you have kids, you are probably looking for highly rated school districts. If you have a boat, you may be looking for water access.

You may like everything about a house but if it is not in the proper place, there is no changing that characteristic. Hedge your bets by choosing a location that is the best of both worlds. For example, Jeff Stewart from says that Meridian, Idaho, has the urban amenities of living in a city while still having access to rivers, lakes, campgrounds, hiking, and skiing.

2. Oversize Garage

Other amenities can be specific to your needs and wants. Depending on where you live, there may be lots of other people who share your want list.

For example, if you live in a western state like Idaho, you may love to go out on the road in a motorcycle or an RV. An oversized garage is a perfect amenity for you and potential future buyers, who probably chose the region for the same reasons you did.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Living

Another amenity to seek when you are looking for a home is the option for indoor/outdoor living. Can you open up the doors to a patio so you can dine al fresco when weather permits? Is there room to add a pool, fire pit, or other outdoor amenities?

4. Large Family Comfort

Do you have a lot of children and grandchildren? Is your idea of heaven inviting all of the extended family and friends over for a holiday meal?

You will want a home with an open floor plan that allows for a large congenial group to hang out and socialize. An open design kitchen allows the cooks to be part of the action with the others watching football in the great room.

5. State of the Art Kitchen

If you are a chef of haute cuisine, you will want the most advanced, state of the art appliances in your kitchen. Even if you are not whipping up five-star meals every night, choosing a home with a top-notch kitchen is a great investment that will pay off when you later decide to divest.

Your “Want List” for a New Home: Choose What Will Make You and Others Happy

When you thinking about which amenities you want in your home, take into consideration the needs of the family. That means what will make you and the people you love happy and comfortable in your new home, and what will appeal to future families when you decide to sell.

For more tips on getting the biggest bang for your buck when buying or selling real estate, bookmark this page!


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