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4 Things To Do When Moving Into a Home That’s Been Empty For A While

All of the buildups towards buying a property can be as stressful as they are rewarding. But, once you become legally responsible for the home, you can start looking forward to life in your new house. However, there might still be some things to consider. If no one has lived in your home for a long time, there could be issues to look out for. Here are four things you need to do to make sure your new home is perfect.

Open All The Windows

One of the first things you’ll want to do is ventilate the home. As a rule, the previous homeowners will close and lock the doors to deter thieves. This means that any aromas will stagnate, whereas moisture can become trapped, leading to mould buildup. There is more to this than merely causing an unpleasant funk, though. Poor air quality and respiratory problems can come from a mouldy home. So, open the windows and air the home out as soon as possible. Maybe light a scented candle, too.

Check For Infestations

Hopefully, your home won’t be the victim of an infestation. But, houses that have remained empty for months, and even years, become more susceptible to critters. These critters could already be there before moving out. Others can find their way in after the family moves out. If the home was not tidied thoroughly. If you notice signs of infestations and critters, you should hire a professional to deal with them in the right way. Whether you need to remove ants, mice or use services like, you can make your home perfect.

Relieve The System Pressure

The previous owners, or at least the estate agent, should have switched the utilities off. You will need to check the system pressure when you move in to make sure everything still works. Locate the Stop Cock, turn the gas on, run the taps to flush out any stagnant water. If you have radiators, it’s also worth bleeding them. Relieving the pressure in the system can reduce faults and accidents, especially if you’re moving into an old property.

Inspect For Damage

Ideally, you have already checked for damage around the home. Furthermore, Home Inspectors would have done the same before they allowed you to move in. Still, there’s a chance that they did not identify all issues, or even some problems have occurred since the previous inspection took place. It’s vital to look out for the most common types of home damage. This includes water damage, weather damage, and structural damage, as the sooner you know, the sooner you can fix any issues. The last thing you want from your home is an expensive repair job, so don’t hesitate to check and get a quote.

Clearing Out
An empty house risks welcoming damage, critters, and more. As much as you want your home to be perfect when you move it, you should always check for issues. Usually, you can solve these easily. But if the house has been empty for over six months, there could be significant problems to look out for.


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