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Value-Adding Real Estate Improvements You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Making Earlier

Increasing the value of your real estate is usually much simpler than you think. You don’t have to embark on any fancy projects. Instead, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference.

In this post, therefore, we take a look at some value-adding real estate improvements. You’ll kick yourself for not implementing them earlier.

Restore Period Features

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Today’s property buyers want period features. By and large, they are looking for homes with character – a link to the past.

But finding such properties is notoriously challenging. With so many new builds around, coming across something with genuine history is hard.

That’s why many property owners are now simply restoring original period features. They are then using these as advertising to sell their properties online to people who want them.

Improve The Exterior

The next thing to do is to improve your home’s exterior. Again, this is usually a short, simple and easy job. Many times, all you need to do is clean and add new cladding.

Start by looking for signs of rotten wood, especially around the windows. Next, use a sanding machine and grind away any chipped pain. Restore and untidy masonry and make sure that your front yard doesn’t look too personal.

Clear The Garden

Next, if you have junk or brush in your garden, be sure to clear it away using land beautification services. The way these work is simple. Professionals come to your property with tools and waste disposal equipment. They then dump all your unwanted plant matter into a large skip and take it away. The result? A much cleaner, better-presented plot of land.

Refresh Your Flooring

Another great way to improve your home’s appeal is to sort out the flooring. Nobody wants to buy a property with a ripped carpet or scuffed hardwood floors. They want something that looks attractive underfoot.

How you refresh your flooring is very much a personal choice. Some people like to go for high-quality carpets, while others keep things simple by tiling throughout.

Add A Heat Pump

Going green used to be expensive – something that only the elite could afford. But now these technologies are getting so cheap that they may actually be able to save you money.

Heat pumps, solar panels, and wind turbines all allow you to reduce your bills quite significantly. And they’re attractive additions for people looking to move into your home since they signify that their utilities bills will be low too.

Get Quality Glazing

Buyers are also on the lookout for homes offering quality glazing. And it’s not just because they are worried about the environment. Many, for instance, want sliding bifold doors to improve their indoor-outdoor spaces.

Add Garage Parking
If you don’t have space to add a garage, don’t worry. On-street parking is fine. However, if you do have room for one, then it can help to add to your home’s appeal tremendously. That’s because many of today’s buyers prefer to keep their car off the street. It is safer in the garage.


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