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4 Ways to Add Modern Updates to Your Home in 2021

Has the style and design of your home started to feel a bit tired and worn? Is your house far from modern and trendy? Do you flip through home décor magazines and wish you could make your own space look like that? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then your home is likely in need of some modern updates in 2021. The great thing about updates is that you can really go as small or big as you want, and as the budget allows. Each and every change you make will have an impact and help the house to feel fresh and stylish.

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Let’s take a look at four ways you can add modern updates to your home.

Update the Flooring

Flooring in the home tends to take a lot of wear and tear. Just think about those high-trafficked areas and rooms in the house and how worn down the flooring can get. Of course, wear and tear can happen a lot earlier depending on the flooring. For example, carpet can start to look compacted (lose its loft), dirty, and dull much faster than hardwood flooring shows wear and tear.

When looking at new options, a few things to keep in mind are budget, how many rooms you plan on tackling, how the flooring will work with your existing décor, durability, and maintenance/care.

Update Your Windows

Windows are something that often get overlooked until they are in such bad shape that there is no other solution than to replace them. Rather than waiting to the last minute, you may want to look into having them replaced and browse through the various window styles available. By switching up the style, you can actually modernize the entire exterior of the home. The most common and popular window styles to choose from are:

  • Slider windows
  • Bay windows
  • Casement windows
  • Picture windows
  • Single-hung or Double-hung windows

Update the Color Palette

Here’s an update that allows you to decide how far you want to take it. Updating the current color palette can be as simple as getting some new throw pillows or blankets in a different color, switching up artwork and décor, or even hanging new window coverings. Or you can take it much further and commit to painting the entire house with the new color palette, getting new furniture, and even investing in new hardware and finishes meant to compliment the new color scheme.

Update Furniture by Refinishing

If you happen to have wood furniture pieces in the home, this is the perfect opportunity to inject new life into them. Refinishing the furniture pieces will transform them and make them look brand new. You can then choose a finish, stain, or color that better works with your new vision. You can also add new hardware to modernize pieces.

A Beautiful and Fresh New Space

Each of these updates will help you to create a beautiful, modern, and fresh new space that you can call home, allowing you to pick and choose just how far you take the renovations.


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