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5 Exterior Home Renovations That Pay for Themselves When You Sell Your House

Over 40% of homeowners planned renovations costing $5,000 or more in 2018. Only about 7% of those renovating were preparing to sell their homes. Most were staying put.

But, if you’re spending money on renovations, it’s important to know which upgrades are good investments. Resale value is a good reason for renovating.

Keep reading for 5 exterior home renovations that pay for themselves when you sell.

Backyard Kitchen

Enjoy the spring, summer, and fall even more with an outdoor kitchen. More than a barbeque, an outdoor kitchen has many benefits.

With a backyard kitchen, you won’t miss out on socializing with friends while preparing dinner. People always gather in the kitchen. It’s more fun when there’s plenty of space.

Entertain lots of guests and keep the mess outside. Grilling is also healthy and easy.

There’s lots of flexibility when it comes to an outdoor kitchen. Install a grill, sink, and countertops. Or go fancy with a big outdoor pizza oven. It’s up to you. If you sell the house, buyers will love this feature.

Depending on what you spend, you’ll see almost a 50% return on investment.

Fresh Paint or Siding Replacement

This is a simple but often neglected upgrade. Most people spend less than $3,000 for a fresh coat of paint. But the return is often over $5,000. Don’t go for bright pink!

Stick with a neutral color that brightens the house.

If it’s siding you like, you’ll see over a 70% return on investment. The average siding job is about $15,000. Expect to get almost $12,000 back if you sell after replacement. For sure, these are the best ways to protect your home’s exterior.

New Front Door

Your front door and entry make a big impression.

Find an attractive door made from steel for better security. The average cost of a new door is less than $1,500. But you’ll get over 90% of the cost back when you sell.

A beautiful new front door assures a buyer you don’t neglect anything when it comes to home maintenance.

Wood Deck

Depending on the size, a wood deck can cost quite a bit. The average homeowner spends about $10,000. A wood deck goes great with or without the outdoor kitchen.

Either way, an outdoor deck offers a fantastic outdoor living and entertaining space. It’ll increase your home’s value. You’ll see over an 80% return on the money spent.

Garage Door Installation

A new garage door isn’t the sexiest renovation, but it’s one of the most valuable. You’ll see over a 90% return on the money you invest in new garage doors. Look for garage doors on sale, and you could see a 100% return!

The average cost of new garage doors is under $4,000. Have your garage doors serviced on an annual basis and they’ll stay in great working order.

The Perfect Exterior Home Renovations

Are you getting ready to sell or planning to stay? Either way, these five exterior home renovations are worth the investment.

You can’t go wrong with new garage doors or a gorgeous new front door and entryway. Outdoor living keeps increasing in popularity, so don’t be afraid to invest in a deck or outdoor kitchen.

Whatever renovations you decide on, you’ll see a great return on investment.

Looking into buying a new house yourself? Make an appointment now!


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