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Top 10 Changes in Plumbing to Expect in the Future

To stay a demanded specialist in the plumbing industry, you have to make yourself familiar with some upcoming trends and tendencies of 2021. Whether you are a self-employed plumber or working in a company and want to maintain its success, you will find this article useful to be prepared for the current year updates in the sphere. We at the 5 Star plumbing company keep a watchful eye on the industry’s changes.

You do not have to be an expert to know that 2020 was a year of drastic changes. Coronavirus, self-isolation, pandemic, and economic crisis have influenced all spheres of life and business. Therefore, in 2021, some solutions to already existing problems are expected. Moreover, clients’ demands concerning eco-friendly tendency and technology involvement are also of current interest.

In this article, we prepared a list of the top ten most important trends in the plumbing industry that you should not miss.

The Trend for Smart Plumbing Systems

Nowadays, with new generations that cannot imagine their life without technology, it is obvious that everyone is looking for modern solutions. People are interested not only in remote control of mobile apps for plumbing services but also in smart leak-detecting sensors, water heaters, toilets, and even Bluetooth showerheads. These innovations should bring more comfort to people’s everyday life. For instance, toilets with automatic flush were invented to contact dirty surfaces and bacteria less often. Another example is leak-detecting pipes that are easy to fix even for non-professionals. Since a place of leakage is automatically identified, a house owner can avoid further wasting of water.

Usage of Project Management Software

Modern technologies allow the organization of the working process to be easier and more productive. That is why now it is popular to use management software for construction and plumbing industries. One of these services is Pro Crew Schedule which helps managers to create a timetable and give plumbers particular tasks. During the working time, people in charge can track employee’s activity, geolocation, and time spent on one call.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

It has become another trend to care about nature and reduce Earth damage. Because most people from young generations are eco-friendly, they also expect the same approach from plumbing or construction service. If you want your company to develop and stay in trend, you should think about how to contribute to environmental protection.

The Popularity of Greywater Systems

More people (especially those who care about global warming and other environmental problems) are willing to use greywater plumbing systems in their houses. This solution for showers and toilets leads to reducing water consumption, making water bills lower, and decreasing the environmental footprint.

Online Communication

There are two reasons for online communication prevalence. Firstly, due to the pandemic, it is now highly recommended to reduce face-to-face communication. However, a plumber can’t work online. It is still extremely convenient and safe to get in touch with managers and clients through messengers or phone calls. Secondly, millennials are starting to become the most active group in the workforce. Thus there are changing the rules in the sphere. Now employers should use social media and communications apps to create a friendly atmosphere and a close-knit community.

Labor Storage Problem

In the plumbing industry, 75 percent of plumbers are getting close to their retirement period. Younger people should gradually replace those experienced workers. However, the majority of young adults do not plan to work in a construction field or any other skilled trades.

Sufficient training 

It is becoming more and more difficult for a plumber to stay constantly updated on all new methods and technology usage. Therefore, the period of studying and practical training takes more time. Moreover, it might be needed to refresh your knowledge now and then to stay a demanded specialist who can offer solutions to any case.

Online Payment Methods 

Even though paying by card or using one’s smartphone to pay became popular a couple of years ago, the last year made people refuse to pay by cash. This trend will remain the same for the future for sure. Plumbing specialists coming to client’s houses should be prepared to accept a card or smartphone payment not to spoil the impression of the company and work done.

Rising Level of Competition 

These days, it is difficult to find a sphere with a low level of competition. It increases in plumbing, too. It was predicted that the field would rise by 24 percent by 2024. That is why it is so important to stay updated and offer clients the best services with the help of well-trained plumbers.

Online Reviews

The rating and reviews section is the most important thing for the company’s reputation. People are used to trusting the reviews and judging a team or one particular plumber by others’ opinions and experiences. Therefore, it is crucial to know that all employers know how to act politely with every client to not mess up a company’s statistics on various websites. It is also crucial to have a manager who will respond to both positive and negative messages for potential clients to see that employers are willing to help and fix a situation if something has gone wrong.


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