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5 Essential Shadow Roles For A Successful Property Sale

A good realtor doesn’t work alone. Real estate agents need to partner with experts to:

  • Stage the property
  • Photograph it
  • Document it
  • Promote real estate content
  • Make information accessible

Therefore, if you are going to bring your agency to the next level, you need to surround yourself with partners. Indeed, these partners can enhance your commercial reach and efforts. How can you make sure no opportunity or property gets overlooked? The answer is simple: Bring these often-overlooked talents to your team.

#1. The cleaning team

Homeowners who want to sell their property need to stage the rooms. Making the interior feel tidy and organized means they have to stay on top of cleaning. But for busy homeowners, it can be tricky to make time to deep-clean the property. Simple and effective house cleaning tricks can make the house shine. Yet, it’s not easy to juggle everyday stress with the challenges of selling your home. At the end of the day, people may not be in the right mindset to maintain cleaning routines. There’s a lot to do when you move properties. Therefore, working with a professional cleaning agency can reduce hassle and stress.

#2. The photographer

Whether you are promoting properties for buyers or tenants, professional pictures can go a long way. Real estate photography needs to produce beautiful and consistent quality images. While it is a niche discipline, it doesn’t mean agencies can’t work with professional photographers. Indeed, a photographer has the tools and skills required to make the most of small spaces. Too many realtors adopt a DIY approach with the infamous fish lens to capture small rooms. Instead a professional can produce realistic images, using the best lens and tech on the market. Besides, they can also use 360-degree cameras for covid-safe virtual tours.

#3. The assistant who saves you time

As a rule of thumb, realtors should be dedicating their time to their clients. However, administrative tasks can get in the way of your client relationship. That’s why it’s a good idea to rely on a real estate virtual assistant to free up valuable time. At a time when clients need frequent contact, you can’t afford to let paperwork and organizational tasks slow you down.

#4. The social media manager

Social media channels are useful platforms for realtors. They can keep the conversation going about the property market while tackling specific queries. A good social media strategy mixes direct messaging with promotional posts. It’s a full-time job. However, it can be difficult to stay on top of your social media activities when you’re running a busy agency. That’s where a social media manager can help maintain your online presence.

#5. The software engineer

It can be odd to think of hiring a software engineer for your real estate agency. However, the post-pandemic world has contributed to new digital initiatives. Clients are more likely to rely on virtual tours and in-app contact than face-to-face interactions. As a result, a programmer can design an app that encompasses all property data and makes them available. It’s also a good idea to include AR solutions to bring property images to life by showcasing dimensions. Engineers can also introduce a color filter for clients to see the same room in different color schemes.

Real estate agencies rely on a variety of roles. Some of the lesser-known talents, such as engineers and cleaning teams, can contribute greatly to property sales. A talented agent knows to surround themselves with experts who can support the agency’s growth.


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