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5 House Cleaning Tips And Tricks To Make Your House Shine

It is not all about cleaning your home; you need to maintain it that way. Of course, maintaining it clean is where all of us fail. But here’s the truth, it is easy to keep your house shining every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Not only will you find pleasure in being in your house, but you’ll also become more productive. Besides, you’ll forget about the stress associated with a cluttered home. Thus, have better healthy days.

In this article, we’ve discussed five tested and proven tips and tricks with the help of Houston maid Service.

Attend To Your Bedroom

Attend to your bed without neglecting the room! See to it that your room is always neat and well arranged. To better do this, have a shoe rack. Clean your shoes and neatly arrange them on the shoe rack.

Suppose you can afford a laundry hamper, the better. Always have your dirty clothes in the hamper. With it, you’ll never mix clean and dirty clothes unknowingly. At the corner of your bedroom, ensure there’s a small dustbin.  You’ll no longer fret about a littered floor. Even so, ensure you empty this dustbin frequently, depending on how much litter you throw in there.

Again, during the weekend, clean the windows, change the curtains, and vacuum the carpet. Wipe the drawers and clean all other surfaces.

Clean Your Kitchen As You Cook

You spend a lot of time preparing and cooking food in the kitchen. If you’re not careful, you might end up with dirty utensils flooding every area of your kitchen.

Here’s the trick, as you cook, wash the utensils you’ve used when preparing food. This way, you’ll reduce the number of dirty utensils to clean after having dinner.

Over the weekend, or when you have some extra time, focus your attention on the shelves, sinks, cupboards, and all other surfaces in your kitchen. Neglecting such areas causes insects such as cockroaches to invade your home. The consequences can be diseases such as Cholera, Campylobacteriosis, and Salmonellosis.

Give Your Bathroom A Special Touch!

The bacteria that hides on the toilet bowls cause serious infections that can cost you a lot to treat. But there’s a simple trick. Always pour some vinegar after each use. Vinegar will not only kill the bacteria but also leave the toilet bowl sparkling clean.

Never leave the bathroom floor flooded with soapy water. Over time, such a habit could cause mold to grow on the floor. Therefore, rinse the floor after showering. Give the floor, walls, faucets, and tiles a thorough cleaning once a week.

Be Your Living Room Guest!

It is easier to keep the kitchen, bedroom, and other rooms dirty but not the living room. You know there could be unexpected guests in your home at any time. To avoid shame, you strive to keep the coaches, carpet, and tables clean. That’s wrong!

It would be best if you had a clean coach, a well-vacuumed carpet, lovely smelling flowers, and a well-ventilated living room. You’re special. So, attend to the living room with special self-love.

Dust The Ceiling Fans

It’s easy to forget to clean the ceiling fans, especially after the winter season. However, a dusty fan causes coughs and sneezing problems. Dust also makes it impossible for the fan to function effectively. You can use a home-made feather duster to clean the ceiling fan. If you do not have a ladder, attach the feather duster to a long handle to safely reach the fan from the floor.

While at it, attend to the table fans, if any. Study shows that fresh air boosts your mood. In return, you become more productive.


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