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5 Home Improvements To Make Before Selling Your Home

The housing market can be tough, the competition is stiff and the buyers can be picky. Minor, cost effect tweaks can make a major difference in appearance. Minor repairs can add value, enabling you to raise your asking price. If you are planning on selling your house, a few home improvements can set you apart from the competition.

While you may be tempted to take on a large scale remodeling, this does not guarantee that you will get the return you are after. The process can be expensive and due to prospective buyers having their personalized taste, it does not always raise the value of home enough to warrant the time and money put into it.

Fix Surface Issues

Fixing surface issues can make the house look more appealing, helping to make a lasting impression. A fresh coat of paint or lacquer is a cosmetic change that goes a long way, whether it is on the walls or floors, old cupboards or storage areas, it will make your property look polished.

Consider replacing old door knobs or rusty hinges, polishing metals, and sealing any cracks. Update the lighting, with new bulbs and shades, if necessary. Consider making eco-conscious choices, this is something that many potential buyers are seeking. These may feel like minor updates but once they’re done you’ll wish you had done them sooner, your home will look revitalized.

Spruce Up The Garden

First impressions count, your front yard or entryway is usually the first thing that the prospective buyer will see when they come to view the house. Thankfully, PureModern has got you covered, adding some modern, stylish planter pots to the front entrance, with some greenery and a splash of color will make your home more inviting.

Along with the entryway, pay attention to your backyard. Good landscaping can play a key role in enticing the buyers, mowing the lawn, putting a fresh coat of lacquer on the deck, and tidying up any weeds will make a big difference to the aesthetics of your yard.

Fix Any Major Issues

Most potential buyers will usually hire a professional to do a home inspection, uncovering any major issues that may have previously been looked over. Things like mold, pests, structural damage, and flaking walls, can be a turn off for potential buyers, as well as devalue the home. Being proactive and getting these sorted at the beginning will ensure that your home is showroom ready by the time it goes to market.

Get A Deep Clean

Once you have finished the home improvements it’s time to get your home inspection ready. Depersonalize your home and hide any clutter, you want your house to look spacious ready for the new potential owners to be able to see themselves in.

Hire a professional cleaner to do a deep clean on both the interior and exterior. First impressions really do count and a professional team will know all the nooks and crannies that may have otherwise been missed.


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