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Is It a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate 2020?

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the global economy by surprise, and everyone is wondering if it is the right time to engage in any investment. There are many uncertainties about the future state of the economy and whether the pandemic will end anytime soon. But truth be told, there is no specific time to invest in real estate. Whether there is an epidemic or not. What matters is how well you can finance the mortgage rates and other coats that come with buying real estate like renovations and security fees.

Is it a good time to invest in real estate 2020? That is the question many investors are asking, especially after seeing how volatile the stock market is. Reading headlines and listening to business news, you would hear things like zero percent mortgage interest rates, crashing of the stock market, and how the housing market could soon shift to a less competitive buyer’s market. These are good sources of encouragement to young entrepreneurs and homebuyers to take a chance in real estate. The answer to the question is YES and can be elaborated through the following facts.

1.Low Mortgage Rates

Low interests, almost flowing to zero percent, is why real estate investment might be the most favorable cushion to the economy amidst this pandemic. Although many nations, the US included, enjoyed the benefits of low mortgage rates on the housing market even before the coronavirus. Since the WHO branded the Covid-19 as a global pandemic, many governments have devised some means to cushion their citizens during these harsh times. These means include lowering their mortgages rates almost to zero. However, this move does not mean that investors will start enjoying the zero percent interest anytime soon. The 2020 mortgage forecasts are all coming to one conclusion: there is a drop in housing rates that any investor should embrace and give it a try.

2. Fewer Buyers and More Motivated Sellers

With the current variations in the stock market and even threats of further collapse of the economy, many sellers are planning to wait before listing their property for sale. On the other hand, many buyers are not yet ready to risk their money on any investment. According to the latest NAR survey on March 16th and 17th, 23 percent of residential members pulled away from their listings from the housing market, while 11 percent showed a significant decrease in buying interest.

However, the survey does not mean that you have to shun away from real estate investment as a potential investor. There are great opportunities out there that work in your favor. For instance, with the decreased demand in the housing market, it is a great time to find what you are searching for. Even amidst the suspension of most deals, some homeowners and landlords are undoubtedly ready to sell their property at a discounted price. Additionally, since many buyers have withdrawn their demands, most listings remain active, giving you a vast network of prospects to pick. Therefore, it is now a time to invest before the buyers’ interest increases in the market once again when the pandemic elapses.

3. Real Estate Market Is More Stable Than Stock Market

The effects of coronavirus remind us of how volatile the stock market is. The stock market is experiencing insecurity in prices, and many buyers are settling for online marketing. No one is ready to risk life by engaging in any kind of business, not to mention the fear of loss. Therefore, many investors would use this time to learn the importance of diversification. With this business idea in mind, real estate becomes a more stable investment in 2020. Investing in real estate during such panic in the economy comes with numerous benefits to the investors, including; the investors can improve the conditions of the home, resell, lease or take loans using the property as collateral. This indicates that the investor can control money invested in real estate. In short, real estate investment is more versatile than the stock market or bonds.

3. A Slow Growth of Home Prices

According to real estate experts, home prices are likely to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, making them remain steady or slightly go down. This means it may be useful to invest in real estate before the prices shoot up again. Not forgetting how dealing with a motivated seller can lead you to a great deal at a low price. If you are looking for a property that you won’t sell anytime soon, don’t need to worry about the reduced rates. Look for the rental property that best suits your financial situation and invest as you wait for the price to go up after the pandemic.

Tips On How to Invest in Real Estate with Covid-19 Pandemic.

Investing in real estate during this pandemic looks like a tough financial decision. However, if you find it a great time to invest, then consider the following tips;

  • Investigate on the current mortgage rates to avoid falling in traps with misguiding figures. Keeping an eye on interest rates will also help you choose the right mortgage service.
  • Before investing in real estate in this 2020, talk to a mortgage lender and see if you can be pre-approved. Lenders will guide you through all the repayment programs and decide if you want to take advantage of low rates.
  • It might be a good time to land a real estate property, but not all homes will have a positive cash flow. Therefore, you are advised to use real estate analytics and find a property with positive cash flow.
  • Make sure you have cash reserves. It is a moment when tenants are not paying rents on time, while creditors have less capital to operate with. As it may sound an excellent opportunity to invest in real estate, it would be best to have your cash reserves to cushion you in unknown situations.


There are a lot of uncertainties created by the outbreak of the furious coronavirus globally. Many investors are pulling away from any form of the market with the fear of losing their money. However, 2020 may be the perfect year to invest in real estate since it is the only stable market. There are also reduced mortgage rates because of decreased demand in the rental market. Therefore, any investor willing to invest in real estate should take the available advantages and invest. Learn more about investment from


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