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5 Reasons Florida is Becoming one of the Best Places to Move

There are very few places in the United States that all Americans will recognize: New York City, Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, and Florida. The first few places mentioned are all known as cities, but Florida as a state is known for its beautiful beaches, cheap property, and it’s various attractions. Florida has gained wide popularity among older adults for its retirement communities.

Aside from being an attractive spot for older adults, it can be a great spot for people who are looking to focus on their career or on the flip side, those starting a family. In this article, we go over the top 5 reasons that Florida is one of the best places to move.

The weather is typically beautiful

Around 200 days of the year, Florida is sunny and dry. While their summers may be hot and humid, the beaches keep people coming back. Its mild winters are the reason so many people travel there during those harsh northeast winter months. The magnificent Floridian sunsets are always on the beaches to draw attraction for all residents and tourists alike.

Luxury properties for sale

Florida is often viewed as a rather expensive place to live because of how it’s a coastal state. However, what this does mean is there is a market for those looking to make a bargain with the variety of luxury real estate agents. There aren’t limitations in where you can look in Florida for luxury real estate agents – the variety of homes, condos, and mansions you can find with different agents can show you how to invest in the right property for you and your family. Aside from the luxury living available, the cost of living is actually a point below the national average, and normally expensive items like healthcare, goods and services, and housing all fall below the national average.

There are plenty of cultural attractions

From water sports and cultural attractions to Disney World – Florida has all the possible tourist attractions you could want! Popular activities for all ages are swimming, boating, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and fishing. If you live in Florida, you also can get great discounts to Disney World. There’s also the world attraction, Art Basel, that offers the city multiple music and art events for a weekend in September. If you go to Tampa, you can visit the heart of cultural attractions in Florida there. Its Spanish, Cuban, and African influences are deeply rooted in those cultures through food and museums all in Tampa.

Moving is easy

Florida is a port state. The reason it’s so easy to move there is that you can move everything overseas as easily as you could in an aircraft. If you’re traveling from overseas and need to move big pieces of furniture to your new home in Florida, you can save some time and energy by getting it shipped to Florida instead of flown. There is a whole industry already using the ports to ship material goods all the time. Aside from industry goods transporting to Florida by boat, there are also ports across the world that ship to Florida.

 Strong Job Market

If you’re not looking to retire yet and are looking to continue working, Florida is a great place to continue your career. Florida is growing not only in its tourism market, but in the international trade, agriculture, aerospace, and life sciences. In fact, Florida’s economy is ranked the 10th largest economy in the world.

Wherever you may be in finding a new home, consider Florida as a place to transition your life. It can provide you a place of comfort and culture in the beach towns with some of the biggest Spanish cultural attractions in the United States. Whatever brings you to this state, it can give you exactly what you’re looking for in a new home.


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