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5 Reasons to Hire Hot Water Tank Repair and Replacement Services

Is your water heater showing signs of malfunction? It’s common for these units to produce loud sounds, leak, or show signs of rust after a couple of years of use.

Immediate action is vital upon noticing potential defects in order to prevent serious damage. Water heater technicians are experts at repairing hot-water tanks and replacing old units with new ones. They conduct detailed inspections to find traces of sediments and corrosion.

Take a look at six important reasons for hiring such services.

No hot water

One of the major reasons for homeowners to seek professional assistance is when their hot-water tank fails to heat water. This issue might be triggered by setting the thermostat incorrectly to a much lower temperature. Thermostats should be set to a temperature ranging between 120 and 140 ˚ F, so make sure you check it before contacting the local technicians.

When your warm shower suddenly turns cold, the problem might stem from the heating element. Electric models use a coil, whereas gas-powered models use a burner as a heating element. In both cases, these elements become faulty if not maintained regularly. Fortunately, hot-water tank repairmen are trained in replacing heating elements, hence restoring the previous function of these units. Visit this URL to check out some handy tips for replacing a heating element in an electric model.

Another cause might be the location of the tank, as some homeowners locate their units outside the house. In such cases, cold temperatures are to blame for reducing the heating ability of the tank. Nevertheless, technicians can help you insulate the unit and the pipes in order to prevent water from getting cold.

Loud noise

Homeowners are suggested to contact professional technicians when hearing strange sounds coming from the hot-water tank, such as rumbling or knocking. Since these units produce virtually no noise, any kind of a loud sound is an indicator of an issue. Usually, water heaters produce loud noises when incapable of running efficiently due to sediment buildup.

Every time your hot-water tank heats water, sediments build-up at the bottom of the boiler. The larger the amount of sediment, the more difficult it is for the unit to perform its heating function. Eventually, the unit becomes so overstrained, it damages the metal coating and induces leaks.

In order to prevent sediment from accumulating in your hot-water tank, make sure you hire professional maintenance services, such as annual flushing. If flushing doesn’t stop the tank from making noises, you should have your unit replaced. There is a myriad of experienced water heater professionals, such as, proficient at installation, repair, and replacement of hot-water tanks. Most companies provide round-the-clock services.


A leaking boiler is a valid reason to hire repair services. The longer you ignore the leak, the higher the risk of experiencing property damage like damp walls, wet carpets, mold, etc.

Usually, leaks are caused by the expansion and contraction of the metal every time water is heated. Over time, the process of expansion leads to the formation of a fracture. If not sealed promptly, the tiny gap will soon turn into a large hole. Leaks might also be caused by loose connections, a leaking pressure pipe, or a faulty valve.


Another common water heater problem is undoubtedly rust. When noticing signs of rust on the tank’s exterior, it means there’s rust inside the unit as well. Unfortunately, rust cannot be removed from the tank, hence forcing homeowners to replace the unit.

In the event of rusty water, corrosion might not be stemming from the unit but the pipes. If water soon turns from rusty to clean, the pipes are responsible for the discolored water.

Old age

Boilers have a limited lifespan, thus showing signs of deterioration towards the end of their life. Electrical models last between eight and ten years, while gas models require replacement after six years of use.

Bear in mind that heaters older than five years are better replaced than repaired. Read more about the operation and advantages of tankless water heating.


Any sign of a leak, rust, and strange noise is worth inspecting.

Always hire professionals!


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